Any pistol shooters here?

The methods of bullet design have changed. Caliber choice is not as important as it once was. That doesn’t mean a .25acp is now a good choice, but there are some great performing .38spcl rounds out there that would not have a problem with any human not wearing body armor.

I bought a cheap, Phoenix Arms .22 semi-auto with two barrels and an extra 8-shot magazine so I could teach my wife to shoot. So far, she hasn’t shown the least interest in learning how so I haven’t pressed the issue with her. This pistol shoots only .22LR. I’ve tried it and it has a remarkable kick for a .22.


I was looking for this and I found it. Devilneck, you might find some interest this as well.

This is the study I was talking about when I said that most calibers above .380 fair very similarly in real-world situations.

I found a 9 min video that sum’s up the numbers.

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Yeah, they all have trade offs. The 9mm in current loading and modern bullets isn’t perfect, but it performs suitably with fewer trade offs.

The best pistol caliber is a rifle.

While there is no question that a .44mag or above will do more damage than a 9mm, it’s really not that much better when you consider the trade offs.

There is also the ballistic science that shows only when something breaks 2200 fps does it generate a permanent wound cavity that truly makes a difference. This has to do with the cohesion and elasticity of cell structure in living tissue. The shock generated at the 2200 fps velocity completely obliterates the cohesion in a way that impact energy in psi cannot. Tere’s a great vid I watched with the Hornady guys talking about that. I’d have to search youtube to find it, but it’s out there.

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I have a Winchester .225 rifle on a Model 700 frame. It’s muzzle velocity is 3760 fps with a 55 grain, soft-nosed slug. It hits like a ton of bricks. Shot a large deer with it, hitting it high on the shoulder at about 200 yards and it knocked a 170# buck off of his feet. By the time I walked over to him, he was already dead. I don’t usually hunt with a slug that small, but (and this was several years ago) I wanted to see if I could take a deer with it. My preferred round is a .270 which will take down about anything smaller than a hippo, though I’d probably go to a .303 for a Kodiak bear.

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Dave, I have a 22-250 Savage model 10 that is probably very similar. Standard .223 round but with a cartridge that’s basically a necked down .308 shell (well, technically the shell is from a 250-3000 Savage)…Apologies if you already know this. But the performance is similar to your .225, though the.223 from what I understand does not have particularly good ballistic performance (coefficient of drag) so some of that energy is lost, but with a tiny 40-grain projectile you can exceed 4000fps, though honestly, that’s really too fast in most rifles depending on the twist. My rifle likes .50gr minimum (3800fps), but I usually shoot 55-60gr (3500-3700fps). I tried 64gr (as think that heavier bullets tend to be less influenced by the environment), but I don’t think my rifle stabilizes the heavier bullets very well as the bullet will sometime keyhole…

That said, the Rifle caliber I really like given what I’ve seen in the 6.5 Creedmore. All the energy (and more) of the .308 with better terminal velocity and efficiency (and less recoil to boot!).

…but with ballistics like a rainbow, unfortunately.

Maybe you’re thinking of something else?

Of course, you said you are a .270 guy and the ballistics between the 6.5 and 270 are very similar.

Another 9mm that’s hard to ignore…

Lot of gun for $560

I used to pistol shoot before I moved to Canada. Used an Beretta M9. Solid and reliable pistol. It’s also the model the US Military uses.

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John Ringo used to write that the only use for a pistol is to use one to get your hands on a long gun.

I always thought it was Jeff Cooper.

I had a good Monday. My M-I-L is staying with us for a little while, helping get the kids back in school mode. She hands me a flier from Academy, and I spot the SW M&P 9 2.0 compact for sale… $399

I’ve been tossing between a Glock 19, a Sig P365, and one of these to replace my well used Glock 23 as my main carry gun.

Well, the decision was made, and I get to break in the new S&W this weekend.
All three are great guns, but the price on this was the ultimate deciding factor.

FWIW, I find the M&P series (especially the 2.0) to be the most comfortable. I shoot equally well with whatever.

Just so you know, I had really considered this when you posted it. Shipping, tax, and the transfer fee would have put it at just over what I paid at Academy.

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Oklahoma is in the process of passing Constitutional Carry and the local Democrats are going bonkers about it, claiming that we’re reverting to the days of the “Wild West.” They ignore the FACT that Vermont has had CC for decades and it has one of the lowest murder rates in the nation.


Not to mention that the “wild west” is largely a Hollywood invention. Civil war veterans of places like Shiloh, Chickamauga, Gettysburg and the like weren’t likely to be intimidated by a few scumbags with guns. Most outlaws careers were short and ended most unpleasantly.

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I have a black gun.

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LOLOL okay. Just kidding. I HAD/ still own it a walther BUT I got to the point that I cannot reload. NOT that I really wanted to have to reload but hey…you never know.

SO, I switched off with my daughter and I use her revolver. I still don’t aim to reload. No. I aim to do some serious damage the first time.

HOWEVER. My favorite ‘pistol’ is my Armalite which my husband got for me. It is super smooth, easy to handle, NO, absolutely NO kick for a gun of that size. but it’s too big for my purse.

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Not many that I’ve seen even know that Armalite makes pistols. Great guns, I’ve shot several.

My AR is an Armalite and I wouldn’t trade it for any other.