Anyone else surprised that a self-proclaimed multi billionaire would do this?

Seems a rather unceremonious way for Trump to bury the mother of three of his children. Burying your ex on one of your golf course while benefiting from the tax shelter it provides.. Though, in fairness, they already were claiming the course as farmland as they kept a small group of goat’s on the site to reap the tax benefits.

What do you think that headstone costs? Wow, really going all out. I mean, no epitaph? Really, nothing?

Maybe there is a lot I don’t know here, but, dam.

Trump being Trump.

If a billionaire did this, I’d be surprised.

But we’re talking about the First Family of the Republican Party here. It’s par for the course (pun intended)

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People are buried in various places for odd reasons. John Kennedy was buried where he was at Arlington because he commented about how beautiful it was.

Trump claims that will be a 10 grave site space which will accommodate others members of the family. I’ll take his word for it.

Some on the left are pointing out the tax advantages. So what? It takes a small hateful person to go after people in the wake of a recent death and funeral. But that what the modern left is. They are full of hate and spite despite the fact that they are having a great week.

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Yeah, the left are the ones who are lacking empathy. Not to mention how Trump used Ivana’s death as a fundraising tool

Sendgop’s hero, right here.

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He’s only speaking the truth about Biden and dementia. Biden should never have gotten the Democrat nomination, but the alternative was Bernie Sanders. Hence we ended up with Biden.

Biden would either be in the Senate in his demented state, like Robert Bird was, or retired had it not been for Obama. Barack knew that Biden could never outshine him, so that’s why Obama plucked him out of the motley crew of Democrat senators.

Funny how quickly your principles change when a D is involved…

And when I say funny, I mean predictable.

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I don’t see a problem. Her death was sudden and it takes time for stones or memorials to be built under those circumstances. What? because he’s rich he can’t go by the laws that the gov’t ALLLOWS us to use?? That last is facetious. SEcondly…if i were a trump family member i would expect liberal jackASS* deface and vandalize her grave site…so i’d keep it in a place that i felt secure.


So do all wealthy people who die suddenly only get little headstones?

I don’t think so. That’s not the way it works.

You’re a shill that will apologize for Trump’s bad behavior to the very end…

Can you name another family member of a divisive political figure on the right that’s had their gravestone defaced?

I mean, Is Roger Stone have that problem with his dead family?

No, you just made that up. Shill for Trump!

I’m no shill for Trump. I don’t want him to run for President again, and I won’t vote for him in the primary.

I just find it disappointing that the left can’t even let him bury his dead, former wife in peace. Everyone deserves that.

go jump in a cesspool.

President Trump Sure RAN THE BOARD last night is that why you want to whinge about is wife’s headstone? What’s it to ya.

Didn’t call you a shill for Trump.

She is buried. That’s what we’re discussing, the way he allowed it to happen. And perhaps if the person in question, Trump, were capable of decorum in these sorts of instances, I might be inclined to show more respect, but he does not, so I do not.

You mean his shills? Sure, populism is (ironically) popular on the far right. Let’s see if you’re still dancing a jig when it counts.

More Trump hatred? This time over something so petty. Wow.

"The year is 2096. Leftists all join in to watch a CNN segment attacking trump."

democrat: “Yeeeeah! I knew that piece of *&^% lied to his mom/dad/lactating parent about doing his homework that one time!”… MOM! I’M HUNGRY WHERE ARE THE PLANT BASED HAMBURGERRRRRSS"

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Because a tweet from a political figure is 100% guaranteed to reflect his heart.

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That’s true, but just because you might not believe that is how he truly feels, he at least, as President Biden sets a tone. He might hate Trump, think he’s the worst thing since canned ham, but at a venerable time (the death of his ex) Biden offers a consoling and supporting message.

At least Biden cares enough to create an example.

Trump treats people like trash, makes fun of people, calls people names demands loyalty of others while giving none. He doesn’t care about your family or situation (see COVID remarks). Some are impressed with that level of honesty and if Trump was that honest about everything, I’d say you have a point. But the reality is, that Trump’s honesty tends entirely toward negative aspects, self-promotion and the lust for attention.

That sets a tone and that tone is reflected in the actions of Trump’s supporters.

So Hunter Biden’s drug habits or IRS bills aren’t petty?

A billionaire burring his ex in a weed filled corner of his golf course for a tax break is petty? It’s shameless, but petty? I don’t think so.

Again, R’s principles tend to increase when the subjects are those they support, but if it’s a D, the gloves are off.

All I heard is trump hurt my feelings once? Sorry?