Anyone else surprised that a self-proclaimed multi billionaire would do this?

This is probably bull sh—-, hunter’s laptop is verified as far as i can tell

Absolutely not. The politicians I trust the least are the ones I agree with the most. And yet there is still a standard for common effing decency. Trump and his tribe followers fail at that standard. Repeatedly. Hence my skepticism on Sendgop’s “outrage” towards the left.

Then you tell wrong. A copy of Hunter’s hard drive apparently reached Giuliani. Allegedly. He has said he won’t co-operate with law enforcement about the copy and since then the chain of evidence has been severely compromised. A handful of emails have been confirmed, but that’s about it.

Let’s put this into some perspective shall we. Everyone here thinks the investigation into Trump and Russia was a “hoax”. This Hunter Biden laptop crap has been going on for nearly two years. Two years after the “Russia Hoax” started, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, Roger Stone, Konstantin Kilimnik, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen, Alex van der Zwaan, Sam Patten, Bijan Kian and Skim Alptekin, were either convicted, found guilty or plead guilty.

Enough illegal assets were seized that the investigation paid for itself.

And this Hunter Biden crap? What has this accomplished? Jack effing sh@t.

But keep on beating that drum. It certainly doesn’t make you sound pathetic and desperate. Maybe George Soros is involved with that Kenyan Muslim Obungo.

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He touched me in my private place

Trump touched me in my no no spot!

My emotions!


Your emotions are dominated by communism @Patooka, so who cares?

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At a guess, a community of people.

But if I’m honest, only Abed cares what I think.

And that’s cool. Cool cool cool.


Don’t agree. He was doing what he was told. Or maybe that tweet went out without even his knowledge.

Agree, but as to the followers part, the left has no room to talk.

Because the FBI tried to stonewall it?

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I’m getting patooka can’t not complaint about trump for even one thread just sayn

So how about the nutcase that shot up the FBI’S office? Has the Leftist Media declared him as a “Trump supporter” yet?

No, because unlike right leaning politicians who are out on MSM on SM declaring within minutes of the Trump raid that it’s politically motivated, ordered by Biden and evidence was planted, the major MSM outlets will wait until we know more (ya know, like check out his social media for example).

Gee,… doing something different this time,huh?


So I’m still eager to find out what they discovered! When they exhumed his wife’s dead body did they find a Mcdonalds receipt from the 1970’s proving that the man hates cows?

This might be the classiest thing he’s done, dude spray tans himself, hangs on his daughter like a creep, eats mcdonalds for every meal, takes so much finsteride he lacks gender, has a poor understanding of words. He really likes Golf so this may be his most sentimental way of saying he didn’t out right hate the woman.

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