Anyone For A Primary Election Do-Over?


In this election cycle we are up against an unindicted criminal who has a long trail of incompetency, corruption and lies. Even her supporters admit she is not trustworthy. She, Hillary, just survived a convention during which emails from the DNC were presented to the public that were full of inappropriate commentary intended to work against her Democrat primary rival, Bernie Sanders. In other words, the primaries were rigged in her favor and the world knows it…

I don’t intend to list the long litany of ill-conceived, idiotic comments/statements that our candidate, Donald Trump, continually utters that is making it more difficult, if not unlikely, he will beat Hillary Clinton. Being correct on the issues simply isn’t enough. Thus far, in a very real sense, Trump is beating Trump. Despite the Obama/Clinton administration’s long-standing terrible economic numbers and tragic miscalculations and their results evident worldwide, the post-convention polls all show Clinton ahead of Trump by as much as 9 points!! Honestly, it is virtually inconceivable that Clinton could possibly be leading anyone - but she is.

All is not lost, but it is certainly trending in that direction. Trump’s fortunes are probably going to largely depend on his debate performances. That is a tall order and risky proposition for a man so often out of control and who has a propensity for turning a good news cycle into a catastrophic fail for himself and those of us who do not wish to live under a Hillary Clinton regime.

All of the above leads me to ask you guys a question - and it goes like this:

Given what you’ve seen/heard thus far from the Trump campaign and assuming you would actually like to keep the title of President off the Hillary Clinton resume, if you could turn back the clock for whom would you cast your primary election ballot?


I’d still vote for Cruz. And I’ll probably write him in as it is.


FC - I too voted for Cruz and, even with his less than supportive convention speech, I would do so again.

I’m really curious what those who voted for Donald Trump would do at this point - given the benefit of hindsight. An honest, reflective assessment by Trump voters would be welcome.


I voted for Cruz and would, still.

The others I considered were solid conservatives but weren’t getting the traction. Although…I think as a last-minute Trump beater, Rubio would have been acceptable. His unacceptable immigration stances notwithstanding.

What we got is THE worst of THE worst. We got jobbed. It happened because the RINO elites offered COMPLETELY unacceptable alternatives - like Shrub - and then, at the last minute, recognizing Trump was at heart one more liberal fool, like they are…they went all in to game Trump in. A Trump loss leaves them in comfortable territory and in the money stream. A Trump victory, which seems less-and-less likely, will rock the boat a bit, but Trump’s values are no threat to theirs. And Trump, being of low intellect, can be manipulated.

A CRUZ victory, or even a Walker or Perry victory, would have been a threat to all the RINOs hold dear - liberalism and the flood of money that comes to them from liberal borrow, print, tax and spend-profligately, policies.

This is it. The end of the American Republica and/or the end of the United States. We can only influence IN WHAT WAY. State Secession preserves our legal structure at the local level and leaves open the future action of re-uniting under the original Constitution, without the DEBT, without WASHINGTON and its parasites.


I’d vote Cruz again, but this is an exercise in futility I think.


My first pick was Walker; Cruz my second!


Walker and Rubio. Trump is a huge embarrassment.


It’s all conjecture on my part, of course, and who really knows how things might have turned out - but I think virtually any one of the Republican candidates who were generally right of center and who could complete a sentence in such a way that indicated some knowledge and thought had been applied to the subject matter would have most likely taken Hillary down - even some of those who were not my favorites.

In that list, I would include Rubio, Cruz, Gingrich, Huckabee - and yes, perhaps even Fiorina. Others in the center whom I am not fond of - Kasich and Christie would have more than likely defeated her in the general election.

Why do I list these people? Because these candidates know the issues, are politically savvy and can speak clearly and in complete sentences. Really, that’s all it would take to beat Hillary. Trump, on the other hand, is like the pinball aimlessly hitting every “tilt” bumper on the table.

Whoops - forgot Walker and Perry. They went out so early, I forgot them. Yeah, I think either of these two would have had a shot to beat Clinton - ESPECIALLY Rick Perry with his clear stance on illegal immigrants and firm advocacy of the 2nd Amendment.


no he wouldn’t. It was his ill advised stands on immigration that sunk him…THAT and the fact that he used the teaparty patriots to get elected and then he turned his backs on them.

He will never be president.


They have no room to talk. damned betrayers.


So you don’t believe that Trump IS a “huge embarrassment?”


PD, do you remember when Ron Paul was running, and how rabid his supporters were? Nothing he said was anything less than gospel.


I guess the point I would make at this point in the race is: Trump might still win, although he has without doubt done damage to his chances. Still, Hillary’s unsurpassed incompetence/miserable record remains Trump’s most valuable asset - if he can ever get around to staying on point and not getting sidetracked like a fool.

That said, I really think damn near any of the other Republican candidates, with a few notable exceptions, would have had an easier time defeating Hillary Clinton.

To this point, Trump is providing a primer on how to blow up a campaign and lose to a candidate most Americans don’t trust, who they believe should have been indicted and who has been a key part of a failed foreign policy.

As an aside - every time Pence has been on the same stage as Trump he has looked like a deer in the headlights; a guy who wishes he had never boarded the Trump train. That’s how quickly Trump’s campaign has turned “south”.


“It’s gonna be yuge. Just wait. We’ll fix it. Those jobs will come back. Hillary’s a Loser. We’re gonna win. It’s gonna be big!”

There’s Trump’s campaign in a nutshell.

He does have a chance though, remember “Hope and Change” worked too.


Sooner or later, DNeck, the voter’s opinion of Trump is going to harden - I just hope it’s AFTER he begins intelligently focusing his campaign on her shortcomings - if that’s even possible for him to do. I do “hope he changes”. LOL


I postulated months ago that I believed that one of the two scenaria that is likely is for Trump (should he win the nomination) to do or say something so monumentally stupid as to throw the November general to Hillary. Seems like he’s casting around for just the right, monumentally stupid thing to say or do.


I would vote for Gingrich. He wasn’t in the running, but I still like him. Of the other possible candidates? Cruz. Like you said, Dr. Mike, despite Cruz’s temper tantrum, I still think he would have made a good president.

I think the only way that Trump is going to get ahead of the Hildabeest is if he plays his cards right in a debate. If he could manage to stop the histrionics and name-calling and focus on the absolute disaster of Klinton’s history, he’d have a fighting chance–better than a fighting chance.

Admittedly, he has no political background, and to my knowledge, there has never been a Presidential contender who didn’t have at least a law degree, although I’m not sure one needs a law degree to be a good president. Eisenhower at least had military strategy in his pocket.

If Trump allows himself to be a name-calling bully in a debate, then perhaps it is better the Hildabeest than Trump. We need a junkyard dog, not a name-calling bully. Sometimes Trump reminds me of Morton Downey, Jr. A screamer. No, I will not vote for her. She is too radical on the abortion issue. Talk about a lefty! Remember, she said:

Homeschooling is the worst form of child abuse. And she said, "It takes a village to raise a child."


I find this party to be a huge embarrassment. They knew full well they were going up against Hillary Clinton, and what they offered couldn’t stop a sentient orange screaming at a cloud from taking the nomination (and eventually my vote because by the time my state rolled around it was him, Ted Cruz who I was convinced couldn’t win, and John Kasich who wants to force small businesses to make deals against their conscience).

This party, once this sentient orange was nominated, couldn’t be bothered to fund or coach him, and instead let him self-immolate so the queen of abortions could take the Supreme Court, and now that the candidate they created lit himself on fire they’re distancing theirselves from him and some of them are even endorsing Hillary Clinton.

They are endorsing infanticide because the big orange clown in my avatar said something not nice about Islam and we just can’t have that.