Anyone know of reliable job recruiters/headhunters?


My wife and I live in Canada as is evident. I am looking for something in sales, even if only on a year-to-year basis (I am comfortable with my skillset to encourage longer term Visa success). I am currently in an unrelated field and looking to get back into sales or even finance related work, preferably in a warm/hot climate. :biggrin:

If anyone has some contacts or places to start searching I would appreciate it. The internet is so vast and it’s tough to find recruiters out of the U.S who might look North of the border for their top prospects. I have applied to positions and had many more responses from the U.S than in Canada (oddly enough), but once they find out I live in Canada the opportunity dries up.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has such information.


There are very few “sales” positions in which those looking for a salesperson are willing to foot the bills for relocating their families…especially from one country to another.


They don’t need to foot the bill to relocate anyone. Furthermore, sales/consulting is the one career that most companies would be willing to spend to upgrade as it pays for itself.


I generally just use Monster, and the recruiter/headhunters come to me. So many come to me, I spend a good 30-45 minutes a day deleting emails. As an IT pro, there are many short term contract jobs out there. I prefer to not do those, although my current job came as a result of one. My performance resulted in being asked to join the main contracting company.


Thanks Devilneck, even though it is late in the year I have already received four contacts. I never even thought to post on the biggest site and allow them to contact me.

I heard Craigslist might be a decent source also, but I don’t follow that site at all.