Anyone up for Presidential trivia?

If so we’ll use this thread for it. If there’s already another thread on it, we could revive it I suppose. I’ll ask a question first, whoever gets it right gets to ask the next. I’ll kick it off.

Who was the last President to have facial hair?


Theodore Roosevelt

They all did. Its a trick question.

Teddy Roosevelt was before Taft. Taft had a 'stache too.

Taft is correct. Your turn, Colonial.

Has there ever been a President elected while serving in the House?

Obama…silly man Crimson Pride:)

Um, he’s in the senate, not the house.

Thanks Sus, rethinking. I thought about the whitehouse and was thinking it was just a joke is all.

Oh, OK - but he’s not there yet. :biggrin:

Yes. James Garfield. My turn!

What was Calvin Coolidge’s breakfast routine?