AOC makes the cover of Time Magazine


In case you missed it Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made it to the cover of Time Magazine. This is supposed to be a huge honor. It shows that you have made it, and are now one of the movers and shakers. There is no doubt that she qualifies since she has mapped the future of Democrat Party policy.

Her biggest proposal is “The Green New Deal.” It got to a vote in the Senate where all of the Democrats voted “present” which met “not for now.” Make no mistake about it. This punitive, socialist measure is not dead.

What will it mean for you personally? It could mean that you could lose your house, even if you have paid the mortgage and keep up with the property taxes. How? Part of it calls for all structures to be environmentally compliant either through modifications or razing and re-building within 12 years. If you are unable to comply, good luck to you. Your property rights are toast.

For those who think this is not possible, think about what will happen if the Democrats win the White House and both houses of Congress. With no check on their excesses the Democrats could pass this draconian measure quite easily.

How will they hold on to power you might ask with regular elections? Very easy. You put the illegals on the dole and give them the vote.

Of course part of the joke will be on the aliens. After moving from their home lands to escape poverty, they will find that The United States will have become the new Venezuela. It’s easy to destroy an economy; rebuilding it is much harder.


I didn’t even know that Time Magazine was still in existence.


Oh, it is. They sent what must have been monthly renewal notices to my mother when she had dementia, and she kept renewing it up to a decade.

When I thought I was a liberal before 1980, I subscribed to “The New Republic.” Time is now more liberal than that was then. It’s like “Mother Jones” and “Rolling Stone” and just as reliable in its news coverage. It might be the most anti-Trump magazine there is, at least among those that claim to be “reliable news sources.”

All Americans need to listen to AOC. She is telling you about your future if the Democrats get into power. Her “bumper sticker” comments are the soul of the party. Joe Biden is you father’s Democrat, and Nancy Pelosi is now the moderate Democrat.

Heed my warnings! What I am telling you is the truth.