AOC seconded the nominatation of SANDERS for president! Did I miss something?

AOC just gave her short speech at the DNC, but she said at 1:28,

I hereby second the nomination of Senator Bernard Sanders of 
Vermont for President of the United States of America.

Is this just another one of her famous gaffs? A joke? Or did the Democrats do a big switch?

Says in the description this is an address to the Democrat convention.

At the convention, you can nominate anyone you want even those who won’t win.

Given that’s she’s publicly never liked Biden, why not do this?

Oh. I didn’t know the rules. I thought the purpose of the convention was to nominate the party’s nominee.

This happens in Republican conventions; think back to Ron Paul in 2008. People nominated him. Same to Newt Gingrich in 2012.

Even if said person formally drops from the race, people can and do still nominate them.

Quite true. If there had been a real Democratic Convention, the Sanders supporters would have held some loud demonstrations and would have nominated him for president. Chances are he would have gotten up, thanked them, declined the endorsement and called for party unity since Biden has embraced significant portions of his politics.

Let’s hope that this is a sign that many Sanders supporters will not vote. They have been railroaded twice with respect to the presidential nomination. They might not be a majority of the party, but they are the loudest, most active and enthusiastic. Nobody is enthusiastic about Joe Biden. He is just a placeholder for most Trump hating Democrats. The ballot may as well read, “Trump … the other guy” for most Democrats. The “other guy” could be Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.

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Sanders is the real winner. They rigged their election

I don’t know, I saw a dude in a black cloak with a scythe buying a chess board and he was super excited to play with him “soon”.

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Now THAT was funny.