AOC townhall, Lunatic ranting about climate change


yeah. Where are the people to come take this one away?


Someone on the radio, it was probably Rush, pointed out two things.

  1. The woman with the accent that wanted us to “eat babies” was perpetrating a hoax.
  2. The reason the hoax worked so well is because it was thoroughly believable that AOC’s followers would believe this.


Yeah, it sounds on its face like a homage to Johnathan Swift.


She is allegedly a Lyndon laroushian. I don’t know. I Find it hard to believe young people know who he is.


I don’t know who he is. The name seems vaguely familiar, but at my age, everything does…:disappointed:


LOL @qixqatl

Well he used to run for the presidency every 4 years. He was a big conspiracy theorist about lots of things, Queen Elizabeth being one. Outlandish thought processes and beliefs and platform but who’s to say it’s so outlandish now. Still…he wouldn’t have made a good president.


Lyndon LaRouche. Died this year apparently.

He was a conspiracy theorist put in jail for mail fraud. My Dad has his book.

He had a strong mathematics background, and that apparently made him think he knew how to run the economy.