For calling anyone a demagogue like sendgop. Between Caroline and Trumpgurl I need to silence the second one. @csbrown how do you silent a person on PHPBB? It’s been a while.

You need to silence me? I take that as a threat.

I never needed a safe space until I saw someone like you so the feeling is mutual. I swear you gotta be a lefty trolling them. It’s really dishonest for those of us who want mutual debate.

You can’t have a “mutual debate” with one of the people on this board. I’ve learned that the hard way. I avoid him.

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Is trumpgurl a guy or a troll I don’t understand this?

Don’t be dense.

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I’m not trying to be dense I have no idea who you are talking about I assumed it was the one spamming the board. I assumed you were signaling what was female was actually male. I assumed to much so tell me what am I missing?

I think he’s referring to using the “ignore” function that hides selected members’ posts.