Appeals court rules Soledad cross unconstitutional


The 20-year legal fight over the cross on Mount Soledad took another turn Tuesday when a federal appeals court ruled the towering landmark on public land in La Jolla is an unconstitutional sign of government favoring religion.

About the Mt. Soledad ruling « BurnPit

This is why having a CONSERVATIVE president is so very important. We need judges who have common sense.

For centuries, no one complained about using a cross as a memorial for our military dead.

Since the far left came to power, our once normal country was turned on it’s head and far left judges are redefining the constitution.



I have seen more of these kinds of decisions by the far left when it comes to what should be common sense.


Where does the Constitution say that the government cannot favor religion?


They do. They favor all religions…as long as they aren’t Christian.


Yeah, cause if you want the liberals in Government to be submissive, just tell them you are Muslim.


Or just say, “No hablo ingles.”