Are all of you sick John McCain? I am


This RINO has really worn out his welcome. I am ashamed of the fact that gave money to his campaign in 2008. I would be ashamed that I voted for him except for the fact that I was voting against Obama. McCain has pretty much used up the credits he earned a POW. Now he’s just sorehead who votes with the Democrats.


He’s always had a penchant for voting with Republicans on almost everything, but usually voting against them when the media is paying attention to the vote. He’s really not so dissimilar from Kap - or Trump for that matter. He needs a pretty constant stream of attention. Being one of the 2-5 Republicans voting for/against something always gets him a lot of attention.

When most politicians vote against the party line, they duck and cover. McCain is the only one I can think of that holds a press conference to draw attention to it.


Right now? No, because he’s pushing for the repeal of the Jones Act.

Honestly it surprised me; he struck me more as a cronyist type, and willing to go along with anything qualified as a matter of “national security”.


Please kids, McCain hates Trump and is a RINO in every sense of the word. He is not and never has listened to his constituents and will vote against anything Trump is for. This is one of the meanest RINOs in congress. He promised the voters everything Trump was running on, and to an item has reneged.


I was done with McCain long ago, he is a liar and a man with no moral rudder or conscience.

McCains voting record is 100 percent Leftist when his vote mattered, 100 percent conservative when his vote did not matter; this strategy earns him a good “score” from organizations that track general trends but only morons fall for it.

Yes Arizona, I am talking about you.


It is unfortunate that Arizona has open primaries.