Are Cruz "dirty tricks" a reflection of his character/how he would run the country?


I know he has many supporters, and it’s a bit sad watching him engage in these shananigans. especially since he is from Texas and I might expect better of him.

So, the Carson incident (tough for me to see being excused), the fake “official” voter letters grading citizens an “F” and telling them to go vote Cruz to clear their grade, the latest photoshop of Rubio and Obama.

Regardless even of what we think of these tactics; I personally find them underhanded in poor taste, does this reflect on something much larger about his character and leadership “style”?

I don’t agree with Trump much, but his opinion of Cruz campaign tactics I believe has merit. Trump is loud and boisterous, Cruz has “creative” with his ads. I’m not sure which is worse.


Well, I am impressed that you have that line of thought.
I keep trying to get people to understand that this election is not about conservatism, nor about political correctness. This is about reversing the last 50 years of rule by two parties who think they are above the law, above the common man and above reproach. It is about taking back our nation, from corrupt politicians. It is about making America the World Leader again.
The more the RNC and DNC weigh in, the higher Trump’s numbers will climb. Rubio and Cruz have shown them selves to be the typical Washington politics as usual candidates, and Americans will reject them.
So, all the folks who keep trying to treat this election as the ones in the past, are in amazed wonderment, right now.
“Oh, he’s not conservative enough!” Well, folks, I have personally picking my candidates by their conservatism, and guess what? It don’t work.
“He’s a bully and a bigot!” I am often called both of those things, so pardon me if it rolls off me like water on a duck’s back.
“He’s trying to get Hillary elected.” Yeah, a multi billionaire is so bent on helping Hillary that he scraps a multi million dollar TV show, turns his 10 billion dollar empire over to others to run, and uses his own money to do so. RIGGGGGGHHHHHTTTT!!!
C’mon folks, get the memo. Trump’s success is because he doesn’t play by the “rules”. He is the anti candidate. He says some things that are only said to get a reaction, and others to attract a certain demographic. He’s no buffoon, and he’s not crazy.


CNN’s fault.

the latest photoshop of Rubio and Obama.

I frankly could care less about Rubio; he opened the door for reprisals when he tried to pin Cruz with his own faults about immigration. Cruz’s response may be hyperbolic, but it isn’t false.

I don’t agree with Trump much, but his opinion of Cruz campaign tactics I believe has merit. Trump is loud and boisterous, Cruz has “creative” with his ads. I’m not sure which is worse.

Trump is worse. His insults about Carly Fiorina’s face, buying out Jeb Bush’s election web page; redirecting it to himself, lying himself about what Tom Colburn said about Ted Cruz even after Tom Coburn came out and said “No, he’s wrong”, and his calling Ted Cruz an “anchor baby”. Speculating even now, openly, that Ted Cruz isn’t eligible to run.



Tiny, I love your new avatar; first good laugh I’ve had in days.


Of all the people here, I thought you would like that one. Glad you enjoyed it.


I’m not suggesting that Trump is the answer, and I’ve stated since day one that there is only a small number who were running who I believed could beat Clinton: Paul, Carson and Rubio. I don’t like Trumps politics or most of his ideas (or conspiracies), but he has resonated with an angry electorate, certainly I, nor anyone else on this forum can change that. It is what it is.

Now, I don’t like Trump much, that being said there is no doubt he’s a good salesman. He wouldn’t be much different than Sanders economically, and to me, Economic Conservatism is the most vital factor in America’s (and in turn the Free West) success globally. His position on illegal immigrants was his most popular position and it really sent him into the stratosphere in terms of popularity and he knows how to take all the oxygen. I know many will disagree, but I cant see how he beats Clinton, he fares even worse against Sanders nationally according to polls (I know, it’s just polls). Therefore, when he wins, the next 8 years are going to be worse than the former 8 unless Clinton has a change of heart and decides the U.S debt needs to be controlled.

Judging from what I have read on this forum, it seems you have all had similar discussions last election cycle “vote for the most Conservative or vote for the most electable”. I don’t think anyone was going to beat Obama considering he guided the country through the worse downturn in history since the Depression, this election is different. Much more at stake.


Cruz has not engaged in any “Dirty Tricks”, voter shaming and campaign workers exchanging tweets about news stories is perfectly acceptable behavior; I shame the irresponsible all the time and I discuss the breaking news all the time with coworkers.

Cruz is the cleanest candidate for President that we have had in a long time, stump for whoever you wish but if you must invent narratives that exaggerate benign activities in order to diminish a candidate then that is a pretty solid endorsement for the candidate you are exaggerating about.

And your comment about Obama “Leading us through the recession” is hilarious, we are a nation of 350 million and 100 million are out of work while the debt has exploded to 19 trillion and rising at a record pace; Romney lost because he tried to claim that he could make Obama’s ideas work better than Obama could make them work.


If Cruz didn’t engage in nefarious tactics, why did he apologize to Carson on National TV, in front of millions?

In 2008 I was in the banking industry and the fear was so great during the banking meltdown that we had older clients coming in and withdrawing all of their cash because they felt our banks might meltdown too. There is plenty we can criticize, especially the fact that no one went to prison for their irresponsible actions, but, he inherited this problem and did well to bring stability in very uncertain times. By 2012 he was quite vulnerable, Romney shouldn’t have lost, but he was painted as someone with policies out of the '50s, this will happen again to some GOP candidates if they are the nominee. Guaranteed.

Rubio, Cruz, Trump have all engaged in dirty tactics and even outright lies to some degree. Trump flip-flops on his past, Rubio tries to step back from his amnesty position. They happen to be the front runners so maybe this is just political warfare. I know this much, there is no way I would allow or support a tweet from a staffer that states that Carson is leaving the race without absolute confirmation from the Carson camp. Especially considering Cruz is a lawyer. To me it was the worst of the worst so far and he did it against the one person in the race who has refrained from any attacks on others and is a major asset to the GOP. Carsons story is the most compelling and best proof regarding free market principles, he needs to be embraced even if he isn’t going to win. In turn, I hope Carson takes the honourable step and steps down if and when he realizes he won’t win the nomination.

As for the unemployment, I just want to state that I have applied to and had positive responses to many U.S positions posted on, jobs I was quite surprised existed unfilled. Good paying jobs with opportunity. Considering I was forced to do manual labour to feed my family over the last number of months in Canada, my belief is that it appears some just don’t want to work or they expect the perfect job. There is no way some of these good paying jobs should be available. That is not the fault of any policy maker, you would see the same for any president, unless the cultural view of work is altered.

For the record, I have watched every debate, including the Dems. I have watched the GOP Town Hall this week and I have an appreciation for each candidate. All of the GOP (except for Trump) have economic policies which are Conservative and a better handle on the current debt situation than either in the other camp. To me this is the most daunting issue facing the next president.


Uh, you need to read what he actually did:

“***Last night when our political team saw the CNN post saying that Dr. Carson was not carrying on to New Hampshire and South Carolina, our campaign updated grassroots leaders just as we would with any breaking news story,***” Cruz said in a statement to CNN.

"***That’s fair game,***” the Texas senator continued. “What the team then should have done was send around the follow-up statement from the Carson campaign clarifying that he was indeed staying in the race when that came out.”

Cruz added, “This was a mistake from our end, and for that I apologize to Dr. Carson.

He didn’t apologize for the story, just for his campaign staff not immediately posting the update Carson’s campaign staff made to the CNN tweet.

In 2008 I was in the banking industry and the fear was so great during the banking meltdown that we had older clients coming in and withdrawing all of their cash because they felt our banks might meltdown too. There is plenty we can criticize, especially the fact that no one went to prison for their irresponsible actions,

Would you throw in the regulators too, considering they were duplicit?


Based on this apology as you stated it, than I imagine Cruz fired a couple on his team? He is campaigning on being tough on government, cleaning up the mess and abuses; his actions suggest differently though when it is his team. If and when it is his government, should we expect the same? If he had done this to anyone but Carson, this might have continued to be a campaign issue. Trump and Rubio are milking it for what they can already and they weren’t even the target.

Actually the people most responsible for the meltdown are those running the banks themselves. This is why I believe Warren Buffett’s remuneration philosophy for CEOs is best. I also believe that Corporate Boards and shareholders need to be more protective of their investments, firing and even taking to court those who excessively abuse their positions which risk the life savings of others.

As one example which was famously a joke in Canada, we heard of the “NINJA mortgage”. “No Income, No Job, No Assets” No problem! All based on the belief of the ever increasing speculation of the value of homes, similar to a lesser extent as the .com bubble. I know of people who lost tonnes of money investing in .com start ups and even companies that had poor balance sheets and income statement. One person in particular I recall advising, as a friend, not professional advise, NOT to purchase an apparently great Canadian technology company after I looked through their financials. He didn’t listen and promptly lost a great deal of money.

It’s always difficult to admit that the free market concepts which I love so dearly can have devastating consequences for people when it is abused, often times it can be argued they didn’t even break any laws, though they did abuse moral, ethical and fiduciary duty at times if you ask me. This is why, again, I believe Boards and shareholders need to exercise their power better. Cases of bribery are dealt with swiftly in the U.S which is a positive, but some of these grey error issues are difficult to enforce anywhere.


Not much on reading comprehension I guess?

I am beginning to understand why you think Obama rescued us from the recession now.


He stated that it was a mistake on their (Cruz campaign) end, and for that he apologized. So, admitting such a glaring mistake, who was fired for this error?

When various government agencies admit mistakes if Cruz is president, would an apology and admittance of mistake be considered “taking ownership”? I hope the bar isn’t that low. He can’t talk a tough game but back it up with empty words.


Please quote the “glaring mistake” that is so heinous that firings are are deserved.


The glaring mistake was simple, he wasn’t leaving the race for GOP leader. Not confirmed by Carsons camp, not acceptable when deciding who might lead the country.


That was CNN’s report, what glaring mistake did Cruz admit to that would demand firing anyone?

You were the one who said “According to this apology”, I asked you to quote the part of the apology that would justify your position.

You cannot because you know that you have no basis for your position, like Trump you are scrambling around trying to find dirt on Cruz and there is none so you are left with nothing but hyperbole and false narratives.

You have nobody but yourself to blame for choosing candidates that are full of hypocrisy and lies, it is not Cruz’s fault in any way.


Show me where CNN reported that Carson dropped out of the campaign. Show me when Carsons team confirmed he was dropping out. It doesn’t exist. It was loose reporter assumptions, prognosticating, and Cruz campaign ran with it knowing they could just plead ignorance when it turned out he was not leaving. Steve King wrote two tweets that rightfully upset Carson:

  1. “Skipping NH & SC is the equivalent of suspending. Too bad this information won’t get to all caucus goers.”

  2. “Carson looks like he is out. Iowans need to know before they vote. Most will go to Cruz, I hope.”

He tweeted these without any support or confirmation. A desperate move. Outside of the fact that Cruz is far behind in the ever important “electability” category, he isn’t very “evangelical” based on the attack ads of his I have seen. I am not sure which one of these ads Jesus would support most, the photoshopped Rubio photo, the false letters to voters telling them to vote Cruz in order to clear their F grade, or the dissemination that Carson was out of the campaign. Regardless, as I stated, it reflects on his character and it will wear down on his support as the campaign moves forward. Hell, he is making Trump seem angelical by comparison. It would be great if in the process candidates maintained some form of decorum.

In the end, it’s probably a moot point. Trump most likely wins the nomination, Clinton wins the general election or worse Sanders. You will get the liberal supreme court nomination and see many challenges go against the Conservatives. If you don’t put forward a nominee who can appeal to a broad base, you won’t win the election.


Show me where anyone from the Cruz campaign reported that Carson dropped out.

You have been caught, exposed and discredited just like all those who tried to sell this narrative.

Cruz’s people simply tweeted to each other a news report they saw as encouraging to their candidate, they originated nothing and offered nothing to collaborate the news report; a simple conversation with coworkers about some news that encouraged them.

Yet YOU have tried to claim lies were told that you cannot and will not substantiate with quotes and YOU have attempted to assassinate the character of Cruz as you offer these deceptions.

The only persons character that you have revealed as lacking is your own.


By the way, still waiting for the “glaring mistake that demands firings” that you claimed was evident in the Cruz apology. I know you will not produce that because it does not exist but I just wanted to let you know that your attempt to misdirect away from being caught did not work.


These tweets suggest what to you?

  1. “Skipping NH & SC is the equivalent of suspending. Too bad this information won’t get to all caucus goers.”

  2. “Carson looks like he is out. Iowans need to know before they vote. Most will go to Cruz, I hope.”

If you want to cheerlead for Cruz and present this as not being disingenuous by the “letter of the law” than do so. I won’t judge your character based on this decision, you have mirrors in your house I presume.

As an aside, Clinton won Nevada today, she won based on the presentation that she will continue with Obama’s policies. I hope the GOP chooses a candidate who can beat her…


What Law?
They heard a news report that said Carson was going home instead of to New Hampshire, anyone hearing this would assume that Carson was quitting and that is what they discussed with each other within the campaign.

They did not originate the story, they did not claim that the story was well sourced, they made no attempt to give the story credibility; they just mentioned that they heard it reported and discussed the obvious implications with each other.

And YOU think they should be fired and Cruz has acted nefariously to the detriment of his character for not firing them?

The crybaby Carson equated Cruz not DROPPING OUT OF THE RACE over this with the fulfillment of predictions from 1930’s era Communist’s that America would fall via our lack of character.

I most certainly will judge your character over this, I hope someday you get fired over a bunch of nothing so we can see first hand how you praise the character of the boss who fired you.

As for me? If Cruz had fired anyone over this I would cease to support him immediately, every one of his people acted exactly as they should have if they were engaged with their job on election day.

You do not fire loyal people who are doing their job correctly just because a bunch of sore losers in an election make a big deal out of NOTHING.

Did you call for the heads of those in Carson’s campaign who leaked his intentions to CNN?
Did you call for the heads of the CNN Reporters who reported this story without context while voting was occurring?
Did you call for the heads of Rubio’s campaign workers who saw the same report and drew the same conclusions?

Nope, just Ted Cruz gets all of the feigned outrage; the guy who just happened to win the Iowa Primary and who poses the biggest threat to the Establishment hack Rubio and Trump going forward.

I refuse to pretend that any of that is coincidental.