Are Democrats REALLY This Stupid?

On a Facebook page that I frequent, some liberal claimed that Biden’s threats to withhold $1 billion in “aid” if Ukraine didn’t fire a prosecutor was because he was frustrated with a prosecutor who was corruptly refusing to do his job! If you buy that excuse, you have to suspend ALL reason. Can ANYONE imagine Biden demanding the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor because that prosecutor was refusing to investigate and prosecute Biden’s SON, Hunter Biden, who’d been corruptly placed on the board of directors of a Ukrainian oil and gas company? Not only had Hunter Biden next to NO expertise in oil and gas, but he was singularly unfamiliar with the regional politics in Ukraine! What other motivation would a Ukrainian oil and gas company have for hiring him than to curry influence and favor with the American Vice President? VP Joe Biden came through for them by demanding the firing of a prosecutor who was investigating that very oil and gas company.


The Dems and the lapdog press will ride this lie for as long as it lasts, and then Socialist Dems will use it to get Biden out of the race. That will clear the way for Warren.

I image that the Dems have a series of “Trump scandals” lined up along with some more bureaucrats, who belong to the Democrat Party, waiting in the wings all the way until Election Day.

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yeah. the media thinks we’re as stupid as their leftist followers. Now i’ll tell you something else. Mitt Romney’s advisor for his failed presidential campaign sits on the board of directors for Burisma.

All these bastards are corrupt.

oh yes. One ‘scandal’ after the other all run exactly by their playbook…which…if I may say so…is getting rather predictable…and tiresome.

Trump set them up, again, using the same strategy he has been using for 3 years; and they somehow keep falling for it!

Some “anonymous” person makes an accusation, Trump initially is a tad bit cautious in his response instead of normal bravado; then the media think “AH HA, THIS TIME IT MUST BE TRUE!”

So they go all in with every rumoured piece of “evidence” and bellow about it all 24/7 on every platform they control. Once they have dug their graves deep and wide Trump let’s loose with the “Fake news, witch hunt” accusation and releases all the facts; which invariably end up condemning a Democrat (in this case Biden).

Everyone then sees the facts and realizes that the only person who is deserving of all the Leftist media’s hyperbole is the Democrat, who they never condemn even to save their own fledgling credibility; so Trumps numbers improve and the media prove to everyone again that they are just propagandists unworthy of serious consideration.

Trump owns them and they are so blinded by hate that they keep falling for the same trap laid the same way; every time they do I think “surely they won’t be this stupid AGAIN”.

But they will be, and I am giddy with joy every time they do; especially since they are dragging Leftist traitors like Romney with them every time :wink: