Are Free Minds and Free Markets Compatible With Christianity?


Some excellent quotes in this article. When I first joined RO I wasn’t sure where I fell on the political spectrum other than “on the right” - but mostly because of these lines of thought.


I didn’t look at the article itself, but the quotes are sensible. I weary of people who claim that supporting socialistic policies is the Christian thing to do; God did not say: “Point a gun at your neighbor and make him pay for ‘charity.’” He told us to do it ourselves. That doesn’t address the free-market issue directly, but it’s related.


The whole article is good quotes similar to what you just mentioned FC.

Agree with you, it’s not charity if you’re being forced to do it. Charity positively changes character, it makes us better people - taxes and redistribution by force does not.


I just cant wrap my head around those arguments