Are Liberals More Intolerant than Conservatives Now?


Are Liberals More Intolerant than Conservatives Now?
Humiliation, hostility, exclusion, even physical attacks – the whole nation would be shocked if any minority were treated like conservatives – and especially Donald Trump supporters – are treated today.
Until recently we thought society reached a higher level regarding it’s sensibility to hatred and slur in everyday life – at least compared to it’s level in the time of segregation. But when we turn on TV we get the impression, that now the left-wingers are thinking, it would be natural to exclude and insult those who are having different opinions.

Conservatives’ Progress
Conservatives learned their lessons over the last decades. A permanent process of being confronted with – thoroughly justified – reproaches of racism forced them to reconsider their attitudes and their behave. But meanwhile, since the 1960s, when the hippie movement broke through some – granted essential – social issues, the left remained in a state of smug complacency. While conservatives get loose of racism (not utterly but for the most part) left-wingers just learned that blaming the others, preaching tolerance and ideological self-idealization is enough. They don’t see their faults and do not realize that they lag far behind the standards that are set to a modern civil man.

Now – after decades without character progression – it’s up to the left side to learn how to respect others, show a little more tolerance to divergent opinions and to renounce hatred and violent acts.


I hate to break this news to you, but Liberal maybe be the oxymoron of all time. Liberals and violence are nothing new.

I had no idea what a Liberal was, when I stepped off that plane that bitter cold night in late Oct 1968 at the SEATAC airport and found a terminal full of liberals waiting on me, cursing, screaming, spitting at us…a few months later I found myself on a college campus. So some study of the 60’s and anti war protests…YES its worse today, but violence, rioting, looting, burning, and killing have been the order of the day for liberals for all of known time…


I’m sorry you had this experience.

What has to happen that America would change into a condition that’s desirabel?


I don’t generally engage in generalizations, but I think one would have to be brain dead not to notice a difference between the “modern liberal” and conservatives. I would caution that like all generalizations, what follows cannot be applied to all liberals or all Repubs. Anyway, here goes my take on this - it is brief.

A core value of Repubs/Conservatives revolves around individual responsibility - that one must generally take ownership of ones lot in life.

Liberals/Dems generally take a somewhat different view - that often they are victims and therefore less responsible for their life’s outcome.

This general difference in world view, IMHO, largely serves to constrain Cons from projecting blame and acting out against other members of society.

On the other hand, the world view on the Left, with less emphasis on self responsibility, often resulting in seeing oneself and explaining ones lot in life as a result of being victimized by others, serves to break down inner behavioral self controls and promotes a justification for lashing out, often physically, against those members of society who do not share their world view and often who their political group has identified as being responsible for their plight.



Phillip – You’re paying way too much attention to the media’s “explanation” of who conservatives are and who “progressives” are–and where they come from historically. Conservatives have never been racists at their core. They’ve ALWAYS believed that “All men are created equal,” including racial minorities. Assuming that the GOP is essentially conservative and the Democrats essentially “progressive”, who constituted the racists throughout our history? DEMOCRATS. They were responsible for slavery and its defense, segregation, Jim Crow laws, and virulent opposition to civil rights and voting rights–UNTIL LBJ bowed to the inevitable and devised a way to USE racial minorities to the advantage of the DNC. First off, he noticed that some blacks embraced the Democrats because of all the “free” stuff given out by FDR. THAT was the basis of his “War on Poverty”–which resulted in the dissolution of much of the black nuclear family and made the resultant broken families GOVERNMENT-dependent. Thereafter, Democrats and their supporters in the mainstream media touted Democrats as “protectors of the poor and downtrodden” and claimed that Republicans were “the party of the rich.” It worked. Democrats are STILL the party of racism. It’s just that the FORM of racism changed from virulent discrimination towards minorities to the racism of paternalism. Blacks are no better off economically or socially today than they were during the days of Jim Crow or even slavery, because NOW they’ve become slaves to the government teat instead of to the plantation owner.

Todays rage by the left was predictable. You must understand that prior to 2000 and Bush’s “stolen” election, the GOP had not had control of all three branches of government since BEFORE FDR–in other words, for over 70-odd years. Democrats controlled the House without a break between 1952 and 1995. That means that THEY controlled spending and tax policies for 43 straight years–regardless of who was President or which Party controlled the Senate.


Thank’s! I am searching for answers regarding the question what conservative-core-values are. The last days I also thought, that one major point is:
<individual responsibility vs. blaming others/the society/ the system>.

Your inference is interesting:
more blaming/victim mentality -> more justification for lashing out

As you say: we should not pay to much attention “where [explanations] came from historically”.

I think there is a difference in the kind or style of racism between an average liberal and an average con. The problem is that conservatives have the image of beeing more racist than liberals today, and I think we should think about how to get rid of this image. What could be done?

I asked one question, nobody answerd: What has to happen so that America would change into a condition that’s desirabel?


It’s a false image, and the “liberals” are pushing it, and the media are helping them. No one has answered your question because no one has the answer.


Nothing has changed, the Democrats have always been racists and segregationists and the Republicans have always been the group that believed all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights.

The Left may have switched enemies and allies a few times over the years but they have ALWAYS been opposed to equality of opportunity and universal individual self determination; they have ALWAYS supported using government force to give preference to some ethnic groups and enslave others.

The only thing that has changed recently is the current “slaves” have started to say ***“That’s about all of this crap that I am willing to put up with”***; so the royal class are getting desperate out of fear of having their preferential status revoked.

As well they should be.


No need to be sorry, it was a life changing exp for sure and certainly woke up an old country boy who did not know liberal for shineola, so it put me on a path in life I still live today.

And to think, some of them screamed at me saying Vietnam was my fault…can you imagine who was going thru the mind of some 20 something kid who was nothing but a Pfc and it was MY fault, WOW talk about status, LOL it was crazy!!!


I think your Liberals were searching for legitimisation to act out their need for rebellion. And they were searching for a target toward that they could project their need for aggression.

I am native German: What is a Pfc?

What has to be done to free conservatives form their image of being racists?

But just saying “It’s hopelessly – Lets give up!” is never a good answer! I think there could be done a lot of things. Has anybody ever seriously thought about it?

What has to happen so that America would change into a condition that’s desirabel?

To make it easyer: How would a desirabel condition actually look like?


BOTTOM run of the ladder, Private First Class, including combat pay I made $346 per month.

German ehhh, I lived in Post WWII Ger, back in the 1940’s!


I didn’t say we should give up - I just said we don’t have the answer. And whatever it is, it isn’t simple.

On second thought - it is simple after all. The implementation of it is the real question. Because everything that has gone wrong in this country has gone wrong for the same reason it has gone wrong in any other country. Alexander Solzhenitzen (sp?) gave the answer - or perhaps it was his grandmother who actually said it, “We have forgotten God.” And no political solution will make up for that.


Conservatives don’t have an image of being racists, only the extreme Left chant this mantra and even they know it is only true of themselves.

Nobody that matters is buying their lies anymore, everyone can clearly see who the actual racist, hate mongers bent on violence are; Conservatives need do nothing but point and laugh at their hypocrisy.

In fact the whole “Conservatives are racists” bit would have died decades ago if the voices who thought “something needs to be done” had been ignored, “doing something” to prove a lie told about you is false accomplishes nothing except giving the lie credibility that it otherwise would never have had.


Like RET said its nothing but a lie that has been repeated over an over an over again.

But then why believe me or RET, when the history book tells the tale. Lets start with Abraham Lincoln…who was a Republican and you will find that those who supported slavery were Democrats, those who were members and powerful figures in the KKK were Democrats. The Dems have fought civil rights for over a 100 years. Today the pendulum has swung hard and far left with them now advocating FREE everything and trying to grant such RIGHTS as a free home, lifetime guaranteed income, etc as Constitutional (under the Welfare clause). Well the Republicans do not support free everything and as a result we are called racists…but history is your friend.


I don’t know?.. I think doing nothing CAN be the best thing in some cases, but isn’t ALWAYS the best.

My impression is, that you are not really engaged in thinking about what things could be done.

I’m living in europe an it’s over overwhelmed by illegal migrants and a self-righteous left-liberal way of thinking, and the people are very lethargic in offering opposition. Originally I thought this would be a genuine expression of the european mentality and people in the US are more …
…more willing to work active on something, trying to find a solution. Indeed, I think I was right, because I found some very vivid and refreshing conservative movements (google for Ben Shapiro,…) that are fighting for conservativism. But interestingly just the right-right-wing has an attitude, that’s very similar to the european victim mentality:

  • We should do nothing!
  • We don’t know what we could do!
  • The answer is to hard to find!
  • We are passive and helpless and do not have any individual responsibility or opportunity!

But I think: This is wrong!!!

The good thing is, that you are already contributing offering opposition. At least you are discussing and thinking and writing about things that are going wrong – that’s a good thing! Because thinking about things and speaking out things loudly is the fist step to change them. Whenever you are speaking out the inconvenient truth loudly: You are supporting conservatism and you are contributing to create a better society!
But there could be done much more, maybe very simple things and maybe things that you are already doing. For example contributing movements that focus on exact said problems: liberal ignorance and self-righteousness, liberal media biases, socialistic dogmatism in politics (Bernie Sanders,…) and in people’s thinking…

If you think – as an example – about CNN’s one-sided reporting: What could YOU do against it? If you think – as an other example – about person XY (public or privat) that’s spreading rumours that everyone who doesn’t support “welcome-refugee” is a racists or that capitalism is a terrible economic system - What could YOU do against it?

Any suggestions?


Nobody trusts or believes CNN, the only credibility they ever have is when those who are the target of their lies respond to them as if the lies are plausible; simply mocking them for the purveyors of fake news that they are is all that is needed to neuter them.


One big major problem many people make today is comparing the U.S. to Europe. It’s like comparing apples to turnips. Two different species. Interestingly, many American lefties scream about how wonderful socialism is working in Europe, yet those who live under socialism are not so happy with it. Case in point: some American celebrities (Johnny Depp for one) moved to France some years ago because of its socialist benefits. Well, when the socialist benefits started to dwindle and France realized that somehow, someone was going to have to foot the bill for “free” health care and other “free” stuff, then the taxes skyrocketed. And, when that happened, guess what those American celebrities did? They moved back to the U.S.! Personally, I think they should have been made to stay there!


Actually, I am. Prayer and submission to God will change everything. We don’t know what we should do until He brings it to our minds. And, of course, He could change it all at once with a word, but He chooses to let His people work, to show their obedience to Him, to learn from Him, and not think that we know it all.


Like Phillip, I am researching what republicans core values are. Really, I’m trying to wrap my mind out politics in general. Anyway, I’ve learned that two core values or focal points are: individual responsibility and business. What else? How do republicans define themselves?

Phillip, sorry I’m not answering your question either. That’s a big one…


The basis for real conservatives is Individual responsibility and Capitalism. Few of the Republicans in Congress today adhere to either…