Are masks dangerous?

Several people have made this claim.

Can anyone show me something that backs this up?


No, but they damned uncomfortable, especially in the Florida heat and humidity. Going to the grocery store is hell now. With my allergies, I feel like “I can’t breath.”

Given my age, this is way it’s going to be for the rest of my life. No more nights out at the theater, no more theme parks, no more vacations to anywhere … in short a considerably reduced standard of living.

And all of this because the stinking rotten, Communist Chinese Government decided to poison the world.

I hope you are happy with the results, Mr. Brown. You are going to get what you have long desired. A communist government in America when everyone will have the same income and diminished standard of living.

There are N-95 masks you can get that have a “breath out” valve that are a lot more comfortable, have you tried those?

FWIW, I HATE wearing a mask. It does not go well with my goatee. Very itchy.

All I can do it chuckle at such a ridiculous statement. Especially since the man you support is a fan of Russian, Turkish, Phillipino style rulers, authoritarians.

We shall agree to disagree. You keep parroting the same garbage that the Socialist Democrat Party has mouthed for the past three and half years. You are just a puppet.

The man you support doesn’t brains enough left to know what he stands for. He’s figurehead who will win the election as a “moderate” and then resign to whomever the Black woman is the Democrats nominate. My guess would be Kamala Harris or Susan Rice. Rice would be the worse of the two.

As for Harris, I predicted that she would get the Democrat nomination, but her campaign blew up early on because she is an incompetent politician. It does not matter is she is incompetent. Bernie Sanders, Omar and AOC will be running the show with Black Lives Matter as the advisor board or perhaps the dictators if they don’t get what they want.

Not sure–just a feeling that if either of these commie women becomes the VP of Bidet, that is going to ruin his chances because everyone knows what these women stand for.

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There is a lot of evidence that masks don’t protect you from the China Virus.

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Masks for the general public are virtually useless. They don’t stop the coronavirus from passing through. It’s MUCH too small to be stopped by either cloth masks or paper ones. They WILL, however, stop water droplets CONTAINING the coronavirus though that’s small comfort when masks cause you to rebreathe your own exhaled CO2 over and over again.

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That won’t matter, because when the mask becomes very moist, the virus can move more more easily through with every breath…

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It’s not meant to protect you, you are protecting others by wearing it.

If you’re sick, you’ll mitigate your chances of infecting others. A Czech study proved through measuring the viral load coming out of masks that this is effective.

The virus spreads through mucus and aerosols, but if the mask is keeping most of that on your face, you have a lower chance of infecting others.

“The preponderance of evidence indicates that mask wearing reduces the transmissibility per contact by reducing transmission of infected droplets in both laboratory and clinical contexts. Public mask wearing is most effective at stopping spread of the virus when compliance is high. The decreased transmissibility could substantially reduce the death toll and economic impact while the cost of the intervention is low.”

There two things you need to think about Dave.

  1. The disease is not airborne, it needs to be transported by a medium. Water droplets.

  2. Even if a mask does not stop all of them, if it stops most, and shortens distance when you sneeze, that’s useful.

The very thumbnail Fridman uses on his videos shows why this works. The aerosol area around the mask is far smaller than the one around an uncovered mouth.

That’s the difference between being infectious to those right next to you vs infecting someone several feet away. That makes a difference.

ONLY if you’re also practicing “social distancing” and we simply CANNOT do that for months on end, let alone for decades.

That helps, but no, you’re also preventing yourself from infecting surfaces just by wearing the mask.

You wear yours, then. I refuse.

I’m not saying it should be mandatory, I’m saying it works.

The rapid decrease in infections in Asia where face masks are more common shows that.

Oh, BS! You actually BELIEVE the “data” coming out of Asia???

Singapore, Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan? Yes. No reason why I shouldn’t.

Taiwan especially, because we know the WHO has nothing to do with their numbers.

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Who said anything about decades? WTF?

Stunned silence…

So you think you should be able to put others at risk?

But, if we listen to @Pappadave when we talk about economics, he talks about an absolute standard of living and compares today to the past and says that people who are poor today still have it better than poor people in the past.

Using Daves rational, even though your standard of living has been impacted, it’s still better than people who didn’t have to wear masks in the past, so you are still better off!

What are you complaining about?