Are masks dangerous?

I can’t help but see the irony. But let me guess. He’s going to blame masks on his positive test, right?

Here is something that eludes your mind, what would happen if you attach the testing protocol to people over the annual flu virus?

I bet you will get a lot of positive results, but only a few actually get sick.

Show your work.

I shouldn’t have to explain 101 stuff to you…

That’s what people say when they can’t explain “101 stuff”.

Both YOU and Alaska Sim, ignore medical literature over and over, here is the thread you avoid so far:

Science Says Healthy People Should NOT Wear Masks


Every mask test shows virus getting through, which means it isn’t stopping the transmission. That is the REALITY getting ignored because you guys are stuck on the irrelevant “it reduces transmission a lot!” argument, the room still fills up with airborne virus anyway, That is what you ignore over and over.

Start with this one first.

Points of agreement.

  1. They write: “I have no qualms with people at high risk staying home or wearing a mask in public to try to protect themselves from contracting this infection.”
    Response: Agreed . Would the same logic be applied to families of the vulnerable, who could contract COVID-19 and share with vulnerable? Does it apply to those who are financially vulnerable as uninsured and cannot afford the risk of the average $25, 000 cost of hospitalization?
  2. “Children with no underlying health issues remain at extremely low risk of being seriously affected or dying from this infection.”
    Response: Agreed , but researchers still advise caution. 1
    We also now know that children can transmit the disease, possibly more efficiently than older people:
  1. They try to undermine the threat of a virus. They frame risk of COVID-19 strictly in terms of its risk of death.
  2. But COVID-19 affects most who are tested positive for it (at least .46% of USA so far after only a few months, and it keeps growing steadily 1 and gets more complete 1,2 )
  3. It definitely affects those hospitalized for it, with lengthy recovery times and average bills for uninsured of $25K.
  4. It affects families.
  5. It affects livelihoods because businesses cannot conduct business in the same manner because of the liability of infection.

Then their main point: “I do have qualms about healthy people wearing masks, asking them to partake in an intervention that has not shown to benefit anyone (using science and data) and can potentially cause harm”

  1. To back this main point, they cite “An important study using science to evaluate cloth mask use to prevent infection was conducted in March 2011”. The study looked at flu virus, no Corona Virus which is more easily stopped by mask use because of the droplet side the virus is carried in.

  2. Response: Irrelevant This study is on the protection of the wearer, not preventing the wearer from spreading the virus to others.

  3. Response: Misleading . Cloth masks do afford slight protection. When you click on the link ( for that study, you find that the scientists who published it included an update that includes the following clarification “the physical barrier provided by a cloth mask may afford some protection, but likely much less than a surgical mask or a respirator. ” They also give pragmatically “suggest that they have at least two and cycle them, so that each one can be washed and dried after daily use. Sanitizer spray or UV disinfection boxes can be used to clean them during breaks in a single day.”

  4. She also cites a “review of scientific literature” by CIDRAP. The article she linked to is actually originally published by (That is unusual that an English Ph.D. would not link to the original post, but rather to where its republished).

  5. Response: False That CIDRAP article is debunked here:

  6. She cites 2020 South Korean study.

  7. Response: Irrelevant . This study’s premise is that cotton masks do not perfectly keep COVID19 virus from spreading. But it does slow it down, and prevent it from going as far to potentially infect other people. The first minute of this [video]
    ( illustrates.

  8. She cites the World Health Organization, which our country has pointed has huge problems.

  9. Response: Misleading “On March 3, 2020, WHO cited official Chinese data to downplay the very serious risk of asymptomatic spread, telling the world that ‘COVID-19 does not transmit as efficiently as influenza’…Many experts citing data from Japan, S. Korea, vigorously questioned these assertions”
    See page 3 of

  10. She cites CDC original stance,

  11. Response: Misleading The CDC’s initial stance was partially based on false premises of WHO.
    CDC’s original reservations were against medical-grade masks, not cloth DIY masks.
    Many more studies show the effectiveness of masks, linked here
    as described here.

9.She says Masks make children fearful but admits it is her opinion.

She says “You cannot explain to a two-year-old why they are being forced to cover their nose and mouth.”

Response: Irrelevant The CDC does not advise that those 2 and younger wear cloth face coverings. 1 As far as the church context, parents can choose to keep children at home and watch online, or teach children to get used to masks, even making masks. I don’t see this as much different than Halloween or other festivals. Children would prefer adults to stay alive.

In other words, you MUST wear a mask because the government SAYS you must.


Ha ha ha, you completely skirted my post, with a dodge that doesn’t even help your leftist cause.

Why are you persisting with misleading crap?

You still avoid my question about not testing people to see if they have the flu in them…

The government says you must wear a seat belt.

The government says you can’t smoke indoors.

The government says you can’t do lots of things.

This is all politics because your president is a blithering idiot. Chaos-maker-and-chief.

And again…you’re a moron.
I wear a seatbelt when I WANT to wear a seatbelt. When driving a few hundred miles on an Interstate highway, but NOT when I’m driving 1/2 mile to the grocery store.
I don’t smoke…indoors OR outdoors.

Or get a fine in most states.

And I’m the moron? Obviously I’m talking about people who smoke and those affected by it. Just out of curiosity, have you ever smoked dave?


Ha ha ha, you are still avoiding my post, which means you KNOW you have no decent counterpoint to make.

Fact: Masks DO NOT prevent transmission.

Jesus are you stubborn or just incapable of understanding?


You don’t wear a surgical mask or a cloth mask to prevent contraction of the virus.

Here, I’ll say it again,

You don’t wear a surgical mask or a cloth mask to prevent contraction of the virus.

Even though AS has said it a million times already and provided data to support the claim, I’ll just say it again. Wearing a mask HELPS prevent (not totally, right, you are reading what I’m saying, right?) the spread of the virus.

How you say? Isn’t the virus capable of just traveling though a surgical or cloth mask?

Cloth masks are hit or miss. But surgical masks prevent your breath, which is filled with tiny vapor drops that the virus is carried in to be caught or at the very least, where air does escape (and it does) to keep that air from traveling as far before it falls.

Now, why is this something so difficult to comprehend?

Still need convincing? Take a candle and how it out in front of you and cough at the candle. See the flame flicker? Now put a surgical mask on and do it again.

If you did this maybe you’d understand why you are asked to wear a mask.

But, wait I"M NOT SICK!!!


This is the problem. COVID-19 has a long incubation period where people that are infected can spread the virus. So if only people where are showing symptoms were to wear masks, they’d still be spreading the infection for days. For others, especially those under 30, they might not show symptoms at all, or the symptoms are so mild they may not realize.

So people are asked to wear masks to protect others just as people are asked to get shots for diseases they don’t have.

Got it? Are you going to make me repeat this again? Do we really have to go though this another time. I mean please, tell me this is starting to sink in.

So let’s review…

True, but misleading.

True - surgical and cloth masks don’t prevent the wearer from contracting COVID-19

True - Surgical masks don’t prevent people from spreading COVID -19

BUT, they do reduce transmission, which along with other things like social distancing, contact tracing and target shutdowns of areas of high-risk help limit the spread, which must fall below a certain number (that number being the number of people that each person that acquires COVID in turn infects). If memory serves that number is a ratio of 1 - 1.1.

Masks are not the answer, they are mearly part of a broader strategy and the reason we’ve failed in this nation to contain is:

  1. Utter and total lack of leadership

  2. Mixed messages from both the Whitehouse and from organizations and institutions whose job it is to come out with a consistent and coherent message.

  3. The fac that the virus is new and it effects weren’t clearly understood as it became a pandemic.

Trump said it best:

And so you know that’s not fake…Here’s a link.

Oh and when you wonder why I think Trump is a terrible person and politician…After the quote above, where he was undoubtedly being critical of someone else and then juxtapose it against his own words…

And this is the basis for your deception, “limits” or “reduces” is not science when the claim is that a mask “works”.

The contamination that escapes from a person who is infected through a mask is just as likely to contaminate their surroundings as what escapes from a person who is not wearing a mask; social distancing and mask wearing does not protect anyone from exposure; the sick person will contaminate their surroundings just as completely as a sick person without a mask.

That is why ALL of the studies focus on the “spray area” and not the effective contamination of the environment; they all predetermined to support the wholy destructive idea of wearing a mask in the general population.

You harm your own health if you wear a mask, you protect nobody by wearing a mask if you are sick; you lack critical thinking skills if you believe otherwise.

If you possess critical thinking skills but claim otherwise you are a liar with an agenda that is not the public health.


Take a candle hold it at arms length. Cough at it. See it move? That’s your breath and if your infected, that’s you spreading the virus at a distance of more than 6’

Now run that experiment again with a mask. If it’s a surgical mask, the candle won’t move. If it’s cloth mask and it moves, your right the mask doesn’t work.


This is why you think wearing a mask is “scientifically proven” to help.

You have no capacity to understand what constituents scientific proof versus completely irrelevant anecdotal information.

Or you are a liar with an agenda to deceive; or I guess both could be true but the the end result is the same so who cares? :rofl:

Fined IF I get caught not wearing it and the cop has nothing better to do than rail at an old fart going to the grocery store. So far? Nada and I’ve been going without my seatbelt for decades now when it suits me.