Are masks dangerous?

The term is RATIONALE (with an “E”) by the way. Masks should be worn around sick people or people who are LIKELY to get sick from this virus–though we know that wearing them is no guarantee of safety.

The bottom line is, you and your socialist comrades think you have the right to take over everyone else’s life so that you can equalize incomes. In the end everybody will be poor, except for those who run and work for the government like it is in Venezuela.

That’s your goal although at the moment you are too dumb to know how fragile prosperity is. Your college education has turned you into a moron.

Time was you talked some sense, but now that you have become a never Trump robot, you have become a party hack.

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Since you ignored my post, I’m going to assume that you realize the conundrum you find yourself in?

Either you agree with me and admit that despite your lower standard of living, you can’t complain because you are still better off than people were in the past, or you tell me that’s garbage (which it is) and you contradict PapaD.


Are you now claiming that America’s “poor” are NOT blessed with more material wealth than the upper classes were 100 years ago when 95% of today’s American “poor” own a cell phone and a television, most are at least slightly overweight, 60% own cars, and 90% have either a house or an apartment. Well over 3/4ths have a job of some sort.

Dave, it’s backwards; you wear a mask to stop you, a sick person, from spreading the disease.

Now, Fridman has said this does work better when both sides wear masks, but the major part is the person whose already infected.

Keep the sick from spreading the disease - that’s what the masks are for.

And yet, I, who am NOT sick, am being told some places that if I refuse, I can be fined $500!

You don’t know that day-in-day out, and if you get infected while at some place, it helps if you’re wearing the mask.

It’s pro-active mitigation. And it works.

Dave, do you deny that people can be sick and spread the virus for up to 5 days before they show symptoms?

A gun in your face works to gain compliance, too, and that’s what you’re asking for.

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Nope. I already said I wasn’t for forcing it, I said it works.

And how it works, is because it shrinks the aerosol cloud.

I mean, just to make it perfectly clear:

You can watch them get that footage qix in Fridman’s video. Can’t be simpler.

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Actually it depends on the mask, the material and filter ability. NO MASK can filter a virus. let’s get that straight. So if one wears a mask and sneezes, you may contain the sneeze but not any virus if one has it. at the same time if one is in a viral infected area, that mask will not filter that viral infection either.
Now the paper masks depending on the thickness of the paper and porosity of the paper can filter certain bacteria, but not virus. Cloth masks same. However the issue is. masks are like exhaust filters on car exhausts they restrict a certain amount of exhaust. Different materials restrict to a different extent. but they all restrict ones breath out and one can and does breathe back in carbon dioxide. The various extents depends on the type of mask and material. and it IS dangerous to wear any mask for extended periods of time because of carbon toxicity or breathing too much carbon dioxide back into your lungs. Common sense son.

Let’s start with this:

The virus travels in droplets of liquid and any mask or suitable cloth face covering will stop most of the water droplets hat contain the virus.

That said, I don’t know many people who would sneeze inside their mask. Cough maybe…If I were going to sneeze I would sneeze in tissues and dispose of them after.

Actually N-95 masks filter about 95% of the viruses they come in contact with, but masks rarely if ever have to filter viruses on their own. Virus are usually suspended in something much larger.

How N-95 masks work is pretty ingenious too. Because viruses are much smaller (10-80nm) than the tightest fiber weave, the masks have a method of filtration that does not require the fibers to be as small as the virus, but again, masks rarely filter out viruses alone.

Here’s how an N-95 mask works

As far as surgical masks, they aren’t much better than putting cloth over your face. They have the advantage of stop;ping mechanical forces, like the proliferation of particals you breath out and they are effective for that reason, but as far as filtration, they are close to worthless, though again they will stop an infected person from spreading the virus at the same distance. That said, the reason you should wear one is to prevent your exhaled breath and cough from traveling farther from your body and in that way, they are effective, more effective than not wearing a mask.

Actually a reasonably healthy person can wear a mask all day. If you’d like I can show you another video where a guy walks around Disney World all day and pictorially checks his blood O2 level and it never changes even though he is wearing a mask.

You know why a mask won’t hurt you? Because the amount of carbon dioxide you are re-breathing is extremely low, Only as much as would fit between the mask and your face (after each breath), which is to say, not much, a small fraction of each breath you take… Most of the breath when breathing through a mask is fresh air.

Carbon dioxide is not toxic. Toxic means “poisonous”. The only danger represented by C02 is that it displaces O2. But stop and think for just a sec. The rise in C02 from wearing a mask might feel, at works, like being in Denver CO. Where the atmospheric pressure of 02 is slightly lower, but by NO MEANS dangerous or “:toxic”.

The average mask feels pretty awful if you’re not used to wearing them. The reason is the mask traps water droplets and makes the air your breathing feel warmer and moist.

Apparently “common sense” isn’t all that common.

LOL. Look who’s trying to lecture us about “common sense.” Hilarious!

Listen, with or without the masks, we have put each other at risk for centuries. As a teacher, I have to contend with coughing, sneezing, snotty, and congestive kids. A classroom of 30+ kids is like a huge petri dish. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught colds, flu, fevers, stomach flu, and all sorts of stuff in between. I’m surprised I never got pimples. The point is is that we’ve spent decades not wearing face masks unlike Japan (I think it’s Japan) where citizens wear masks all the time. I’m not sure if masks help at all.


The Virus is not airborne, and requires the aerosol or water droplets to transport.

If the masks reduces the amount and distance those mediums travel, it also reduces the virus.

Fridman’s video compares N95, Surgical, and homemade masks on this front. He both advocates, and shows, even a homemade mask can reduce how far a sick person will spread their infection.

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And yet, we take precautions all the time and that has lead to longer lifespans and higher standards of living.

My wife is a high school teacher, so I’m more aware than most. When you were a teacher, was there a pandemic sweeping the nation that have killed over 100k people and is projected to kill over 200k before it’s over?


Before the year is out, many school districts will run short of subs and teachers as the kids will bring the virus to school and the teachers will get ill, especially high school teachers.

And never faced a novel virus that is as virulent and widespread without a vaccine as COVID I suspect…

They do, because we know that people can go 5 days without showing symptoms, others are asymptomatic and can have the virus for weeks without knowing it. Wearing a mask help prevent infected people from spreading the virus.

Ever see on TV or in person a doctor during surgery wear a mask? Do you think they are wearing the mask to protect themselves or to prevent breathing into a surgical wound (or both)?

If you think they are doing it just to protect themselves, you need to do a little research.

LOL. We were all told that the virus isn’t airborne and then told yes it is. We were told that masks aren’t helpful and then told yes they are. The left can’t make up their minds how to lie to us the next time either.

So let me ask you…Take a look at this image:

During WWII the Center for Naval Analysis conducted a study, many bombers were getting shot down on runs over Germany. The naval researchers knew they needed hard data to solve this problem and went to work. After each mission, the bullet holes and damage from each bomber was painstakingly reviewed and recorded. The researchers poured over the data looking for vulnerabilities.

If you were tasked with putting extra armor on the bomber above, where would you put it?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, admitted early in the pandemic that masks have extremely limited utility. “The masks are important for someone who’s infected to prevent them from infecting someone else,” Fauci said in March. “When you are in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel better, and it might even block a droplet. But it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. Right now, in the United States people should not be walking around with masks.”

If that was true in March, why is it no longer true in July?