Are Terrorists Setting U.S. Wildfires?



(NOTE: This article is 2 years old, but interesting in light of recent attacks)

“Are Terrorists Setting U.S. Wildfires?”**
Ex-NSA official: Al-Qaida ignited California blazes

". . . . . William Scott, a former National Security Agency official and Aviation Week editor, told the American Center for Democracy that terrorists are using fire as a tactical weapon of war. “Perhaps the most simple form of economic warfare is wild land arson,” Scott said in his “Fire Wars” presentation. “That’s just setting fires in U.S. forests [and] grasslands.” “For any terrorists that are determined to inflict significant damage with very little investment or risk, fire is an extremely high-leverage weapon of mass effect.” Scott explained that after U.S. Navy SEALs killed al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden, they "captured a treasure trove of material that provided some unprecedented insight into the al-Qaida plans. And one of those was a detailed campaign for starting fires throughout the [American] West. . . . . . "


We’ve had forest/brush/grass fires forever. A high proportion of them are caused by lightning - and aggravated by the underbrush which is partly a result of forest fires being put out too quickly, and the greenies who think the brush is sacred.


Very true but in this current situation I would not be surprised if this is being considered by terrorists. I also keep in mind that this administration is playing a dual game of denying terrorism exists while allowing more terrorists into the country.