I went to see Argo today. The only complaint I had was that the theater had a power problem in the middle of the movie.

This movie is about the CIA plot to extricate 6 US embassy employees who escaped to the Canadian embassy during the Iranian revolution in 1979.

We stayed for the end credits. It was remarkable to me that over the end credits, President Carter spoke. To hear hiim tell about it, he sounded like he was taking credit for the rescue. (He does acknowledge the CIA and Canada). The remarkable part though is how it’s at odds with the portrayl in the movie, where the attempt is cancelled because it would place the military rescue for the larger group in jeopardy - and that this rescue went forward basicly because the operative was already in Iran at the time of the abort order, and he moved forward with the operation on his own basicly.

Politics aside, it’s a really good movie. As my wife put it, it builds suspense the way movies used to.