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This is indeed bad news.

Haven’t got my arms around it completely yet, and Jack may not read this . . . but if he does, know that my prayers and thoughts are with you.

Geeezzzz, this is something that I’m going to have to chew on for some time to come.

Jack has been a “confidant” of mine for quite a while now. This is . . . I don’t know what it IS yet except . . . BAD!

My father Jack Hectorman has passed away. He spoke the words of what I have put in quotes and I took it down shorthand and typed it. My father asked me to post it in the Republican Operative Forum and he explained how to do that. He said for me to first introduce myself and then to say that this would be the last post under his account. My father instructed me to destroy the password to his Republican Operative account which I will do after I post this. And now for my introduction: My name is Cindy and I am my father’s youngest daughter and here is the message that my father spoke to me and my brothers before he departed this land of tears to be with the Lord. We put all this together in 3 seperate sessions.

"Two of my sons and Cindy made it possible for me to read or hear-read-to-me the OP and all the comments in the thread titled Get Well Soon Jack and all the comments in the revelant section of the Post Your Pic thread and the blog titled My Friend Jack and the comments under that blog. Also all the relevant comments in the Prayer Request thread. I also had read to me all the Thank You’s under all the comments in all the aforementioned threads. I greatly appreciated all the kind words written and all the prayers. After hearing all that you wrote (my wife and my daughter Cindy read most of it to me) I asked Cindy to make a list of all the people who had posted or clicked on the Thank You button because I was going to at least write 2500 words … /Big Grin … to each person. Alas I was not able physically or mentally to do that. I regret that I could not do at least 500 words each, I would have greatly enjoyed doing that and I would have turned that project into one of my long winded almost-a-book posts /grin. Sadly I will have to settle for a few words for each of you. First let me say I appreciate very much everything that all of you wrote (and the Thank You’s under the comments) and I greatly appreciate the large and very significent spiritual contributions all of you made to my life and thinking since April of 2009. It was quite an adventure of the mind and spirit.

RET my friend I appreciate more than I can say you taking the time to write that blog piece. My appreciation is doubled by the fact that I could tell that my wife, children, and some of my other family members and friends valued it highly. Some said they were going to make copies to keep and mail to friends and family. It worked out to be a very beautiful gift to my wife and to some others as well. Btw, I never thought I had made all that much of a contribution to you or to anyone else on the forum. I was actually overwhelmed and utterly amazed when my wife read your blog to me. You too J, I was never aware that I had made any truly significent contributions to you or to your thinking. J, Cindy made a copy of all that you wrote and gave it to my wife who also greatly appreciated you taking the time to write that. RET you nailed my doctrinal beliefs and attitudes unbelievably on target in your blog piece. I had no idea you knew me that well and that was an amazing discovery for me. J, I also had read to me what you wrote under my own last blog as well. Much appreciated J that you would make the effort to do that and also to start the thread Get Well Soon Jack. BobJam you’ve been a very good friend and a super-sparkling Inkling. It was a pleasure to know you as a friend and to read your writings. Our PM exchanges were invaluable as well. May the Lord protect you and your wife and daughter and all the others you love. Susanna thanks for those 2 beautiful hymns and for all your uplifting posts. I had read to me everything you wrote. I always loved Fanny Crosby’s hymns, thanks for taking the time and making the effort to post those hymns. FC you make very good arguments, they were always a pleasure to read. 2cent I’d really like to meet you in Heaven, you’d be a lot of fun to pal around with /smile. I saw your beer-chug and my wife read your post to me. That was a very warm-hearted post and much appreciated by me. Qix, I would like to see you in Heaven too, will I see you there? Do what you need to do, so that I will, ok? You too Mike, ok? CT you’re a true dear and thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and for those posts, I heard them read to me. You have a kind compassionate heart. Seravee we’ll slay Klingons galore in the next life /grin. On the serious side: Your grandfather is waiting for your return. Don’t disappoint him. Patricia thank you very much for all your thoughts and prayers and for your kind words. I enjoyed reading your thoughts, you have a very interesting mind on a wide range of subjects. RWNJ thank you for all your calm and compassionate and considerate approaches to all things over the years, it never went unnoticed by me and I think also several others also. Hello Bigfoot, long time no see, and thanks for your prayers and words. Thanks for the Thank You’s Devilneck, Brennus, and Dave. Pete they read your post to me, thanks for your thoughts, much appreciated. Btw you’re the most dedicated web searcher I have seen on the Internet, only Sam is possibly your equal? /smile. Superpsycho hope you hang around permanently and maybe write some more blogs, imo the forum needs interesting writers. Right Wing you write good uplifting posts and you’re bound to reap some good from doing that, please don’t stop. NJC I saw your family pic the other day, nice family, you’re a good family man, thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers. Kurt, the truth is that Jazzanity and Christianity are opposite-contradictory religions. I say that because my fellow Christians need to remember that always and never forget it. BobJam I know you’re facing some severe physical challenges on more than one front. Every thing human eventually ‘goes South’ as you’re fond of saying. I pray the Sovereign God will bestow upon you supporting Mercy and Grace on the merits of Christ in the years ahead amidst all the physical trials you may face and that you would be strengthened with the truth of 2 Timothy 3:16-17 as THE source of your strength, comfort, and hope. I am speaking about daily devotional Bible reading and study as THE source of strength and comfort to the soul which is all any Christian ultimately has to rely upon. What else is there besides God’s word when we face severe trials! There is nothing else. And that’s a good thing too because we would not want there to be anything else. The secular world offers us nothing but that which eventually rots-out-dead, so I keep God’s promises and soul-comforts in the Bible, close to me at all times. Even the Lord Himself, in Luke chapter 4, quoted and relied on the Holy Scriptures 3 seperate times in His struggles against Satan. Caroline thank you very much for your kind words to me. Tiny you always made a most excellent effort to share the truth with other people on the forum. May the Sovereign God’s blessings be always upon you and your family. RWNJ, J. Stang, and Pete thank you for what I believe was an always excellent contribution to the forum all these years, it was a good place to be thanks to all of you, you too FC as you came in later. Susanna you have been a special blessing to the forum and to me personally. MDMike thank you for for all your kind words, much appreciated. RET keep on writing my friend, keep writing to help and encouraage God’s people who work to carry out the Great Task He gave to His Christian Church in Mt. 28:18-20. Jazz, I leave you the gift of Proverbs 3:5-6 and pray you will heart-learn it’s message. To all, I have to rest, getting all that finished up there may not look like much, but it took more energy than I thought it would and it took 10 times longer than I thought it would. I close my thoughts with the last verse in God’s word the Holy Bible, ‘The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people.’ “
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"For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich.” 2 Cor.8:9


How sad to read. Jack will be sorely missed here. God bless him!

How sad… He completely skipped over me…

I’ll say a prayer for him anyway. BP

Jack and his family will remain in my prayers.

My heart is broken today as i’m sure many others are too. How is it that someone you have never had face to face contact with can have such an impact on your life? How is it that his goodness and sincerity shined so brightly and true and pure just through the words he wrote.

I’m so thankful that RET’s remarks are a blessing to Jack’s family. Well done Jack, you made good use of your time here on this earth. I do so hope I get to meet you one day.