Arizona audit election results...Drum roll please!

This one was particularly head scratching.

Truly we live in separate realities connected only by the message board.

More Biden failures.

Owning up to his mistakes F
Giving inspirational speeches to rally the citizens F
Staying at the White House to deal with a crisis F
Acknowledging a crisis, except for the made-up ones, like “White supremacy is our worst threat.” F
Conducting meaningful press conferences; he walks out on questions. F

Before Biden, the worst President of my lifetime was Lyndon Johnson who expanded the hideous Vietnam War and expanding the welfare state. Next was Richard Nixon for dishonesty and Jimmy Carter for incompetence.

Biden is out doing all of them and is giving James Buchanan a serious run for money as the worst President of all time. Biden is just as divisive as Buchanan was.

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Probably. It’s easy to do with such a long laundry list.

How so?

Again, how so? His administration is fueling the hate. The left claims Trump did, and I’ll admit that he didn’t do the best job of keeping his foot out of his mouth (but Biden supporters are throwing stones in a glass house), but I’ll argue that one Trump’s biggest problems is effective communication. Biden’s is policy.

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Can you find in any speech anywhere where Trump talks about uniting the nation? Trump never even pretended that uniting people was part of what he wanted to accomplish.

What you will find is at every single rally he ever had talking about Dems as idiots, morons etc. Nothing, not ONCE did he talk about or promote the idea of working together or unifying the country.

? … what?


Perhaps facing reality is the beginning of unifying the country.


The Biden admin is doing a stellar job at the border. And csbrown is right. I do feel much more united and connected under Biden. In fact, he is the greatest president ever.

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This vid is 45 min long. Am I expected to watch it all, or is there something in this that makes the point you want to make?

If so, tell me what point the vid makes or what it refutes and give me a link that starts at that point.

If you need help with that last part, let me know and I’ll show you how to do it.

Right, like the best way to teach a woman how not to be raped is to rape her?

You are generally pretty reasonable, but do you realize how…Deep breath…ridiculous that sounds?

Disunity is not unity.

It’s easy to criticize, I’m curious, give me your solution to the problem.

This was about Biden’s performance, not Trump’s. You’re shifting the focus.

Where the crap do you get this out of what he said?

That’s easy (at least to answer; it won’t happen, because the Dems in power aren’t at all interested in doing so). Build the wall. Stop inviting them. Fix legal immigration.


Uh, not lying or dogpiling on what CBP did would be a good start. All of those senators should apologize for being wrong.

Also, not taking their horses away. That was categorically stupid and it’s all about PR, not substance.

Horses are the only means they have available to cover about 2-300 miles of border. With the horses gone in Del Rio, the Cartels know there’s a gap in the patrols, because they’re watching.

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The easier it is to get illegals across the border, the easier it is for the cartels to do their job. Since Biden and the Democrats want as many illegals to come into the U.S. as possible, pulling the horses makes getting them in here that much easier.

The cartels should send some campaign contributions to the Democrats. The cartels owe them big time. With Trump, the cartels would have had a harder time providing their services.

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I was responding to…


So no, I wasn’t shifting focus, I was responding to a claim. Interesting that you don’t deny, rather you claim I’m obfuscating.

He said:

Context being I asked hime what Trump did to unify the country…

So disunity is the best way to unify the country?

My point, probably a little hyperbolic was simply to point out that the best way to deal with something is to do it’s opposite?

You can’t unify the country while doing the exact opposite.

Trump only ever tried to unify his base, that’s it. Not even the party, just people that supported him.

Yes, you did. That F was for Biden’s performance on uniting the country. Trump’s performance is a separate issue.

So how does “facing reality” equal “disunity?”

Ahhh I see, I misunderstood.

You mean selfishly serving your own base?

the media says anything damn thing it wants even if it a flat out lie because they know they can count on the likes of you.

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It’s okay. After Biden screws him over, as he has every other American with his immigration polices, he’ll only ask for another, like a frat boy who is getting hit with a pledge paddle. Blank check Democrats never learn.

Nearly all presidents have had our backs; Biden stabs us in the back every chance he gets.

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Again, how are you equating this?

Biden does not care about the country or the American citizens. Neither does the roast of the Democrat Party leadership. They are “citizens of the world,” and the only things that matter are pushing socialism and enhancing their power base and wealth.

What little is left of Biden’s brain is excited over the fact that he is President. The rest is fed to him by the leadership and his handlers.

I wish that the Democrat Party would split into moderate and radical factions, but that’s not going to happen. Soon the freedom hating, anti-Semitic, money grabbing faction would go off to itself. Unfortunately that faction is becoming the Democrat Party.

Last week AOC and the Squad tried to block the funding of the Iron Dome missile defense system for Israel. The Democrats had previously tried to hide it in the middle of a much larger bill, which is one of their usual tactics. The bill passed because the Democrat leadership knew they would lose the Jewish vote if they didn’t pass it.

AOC was in tears. She doesn’t care if Hamas missiles kill Jewish women and children. All that matters is her radical agenda.