Arizona audit election results...Drum roll please!

BIDEN : When regular guano just won’t do! :angry:

Biden is Der Failüre!


The ultimate fate of the Democrat party is up in the air. Who ends up with control of the party name, tarnished 'though it is, and apparatus. The Democrat rank and file outnumbers the fascist wing which is magnified through the lens of MSM, social media and street action. But the fascists show up for primaries in full force and intimidate moderates with the cancel culture. Nancy sold her soul to the devil and now has Frankenstein as a millstone around her neck.

Anything can happen. I am cautiously holding my breath today. Can the GOP hold together? NO on a continuing resolution. NO on the debt limit. NO on infrastructure. NO on the 3-1/2 trillion. Nancy, Chuck and Joe can shut down THEIR government until they come up with a plan to fund the existing government.


Coming to a “Soup Line” near you soon (if the GOP caves):

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Nice piece of not-geld, @akaOldDog. For those who don’t know, these pieces were issued during the time of the Weimar Republic when inflation ruined the economy. The item above, which is “not gold,” was worth 5 million marks which was next to nothing. I believe when the monetary reform came, it took 100 million old marks to buy 1 new mark. Of course if the Democrats could pull off, they would make 99% of the population poor and begging the government for sustenance.

The Democrats are headed down the same path if they keep passing multi-trillion dollar spending bills and fund it with increases in the money supply.

Of course, hundreds of year of history and economic data means nothing according to the Democrats. Their “little professors” are so bright that they have figured out how to avoid all of that. No need to worry. Nancy, Chuck, Joe and AOC, who has a bachelor’s degree in economics, know all the answers.

No, Biden is the American Hindenburg. We are waiting for the Democrats to come up with the ultimate dictator who will lead the country to total ruin.

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When old farts are lit …

Just one point: we’re all adults here, so we ought to give up repeating goody-goody cant that no one believes in. In particular, the phrase “unifying the nation” is utter bullbleep. It’s meaningless.

You could “unify the nation” by, in some way, making the whole nation … from Portland AntiFa to the Militia Patriots of Texas … put aside their differences in the face of an external threat. The only thing that would do this would be an alien (as in from Andromeda) invasion. There were a couple of sci-fi stories written with that theme back in the 50s, when it was Russians and Americans who needed to unite, but it’s pure fantasy.

Or you could make one side believe that their cause is utterly hopeless, at every level, and that they should pursue the ‘Benedictine Option’ … ie retreat to a private life, ignore the outside world, and live virtuously by your own lights, letting the other side rule without restraint.

There is a wing of the conservative movement that believes this, and it’s what some of the hippies in the late 60s and early 70s tried to do, especially those that moved to communes.

But both sides in America today are too strong for that to be a realistic prospect.

There are public myths that we all have to pretend to believe. For example, that all of our military are idealistic self-sacrificing patriots, or that, in John Roberts’ words of rebuke to Mr Trump a few years ago, that there "are no Obama judges, Bush judges, Clinton judges, " etc.

Utter tosh, of course, and since it’s judges who now make the real political decisions, electing politicians who will appoint judges that will interpret the law according to your particular political beliefs is all the more important.

The long term strategy of the Left, who now control the cultural apparatus, most critically the schools, is to wait out the Right, who will die off. The children of Right wingers will grow up believing that their nation is very wicked, saturated with racism, that ‘correct answers’ in science is a white supremacist notion, and that Blacks go to prison at a higher rate than whites because of white racism, and that anyone who questions these things should be shouted down, beaten up, or fired from their job.

So generational change, plus very loose borders, plus perhaps dismantling some of the barriers to ‘direct democracy’ put in place by the Founders, is their hope.

Among the Right, many hope for a military coup, or some secret Trump Vergeltungswaffe, or the return of Jesus, or console themselves with the belief that actually, we’re the majority, but all those public opinion polls and elections are the result of evil interventions by the Illuminati or Lizard People, which we can somehow overcome. And some look forward to a secular Armageddon in which the massed ranks of AntiFa and BLM will rise up and present themselves to the rifle fire of righteous patriots.

But no one knows the future. We’re spread out all over the world in hundreds of military bases and outposts and in giant slow-moving hot floating iron targets, bringing civilization to the backward – whose cultures are just as good as ours, of course – when we cannot even bring it to South Chicago. And in the meantime, we go down as China comes up.

No one can predict the future, but we’re pretty safe if we predict it’s not going to be nice and peaceful.

The big difference between most of our previous history and that last 20 years is that we did not have jackasses, like AOC, running the show in Congress. To be sure, there were fools elected to Congress, like Vito Marcantonio, who was a socialist, but he was relegated of the fringe. Now AOC and the Squad are the powerbrokers who have the largest say in public policy.

Their godfather, Bernie Sanders, was viewed as nut when he was elected to Congress from the hippie state of Vermont years ago. Now, he’s at the center of public policy decisions, despite the fact that he won’t even commit to joining the Democrat Party.

Perfect unity is not possible or even desirable. Debates thrive on different points of view. The trouble is the people who are running the show in the Democrat Party now don’t believe in diversity of opinion. Everyone must accept their edicts of face expulsion.

I agree with everything you said except …

PS My apologize, in advance, if I misconstrued your choice of language. Those who think of them as “targets” had best make their peace with Jesus first.

I can tell you what he didn’t do to dis-unify the country. But I think you already know. Please humor me and name one thing biden has done that has improved my life. If you can do that, I’ll give you a few things he’s done that have %%^^*'d my life.

I hope we never find out. And I’m sure what you’re saying was true for many years.

But we must never underestimate our potential enemies, and one of them, China, has four times as many people as we do, a higher average IQ, a governing elite that has zero political correctness – if it thinks that a racial minority is being troublesome, it just puts them into camps – and an economy that will soon be larger than ours, given current trends.

Of course current trends never continue and no one knows what the future will bring. Having embraced capitalism, the Chinese Communists have also embraced capitalism’s inherent instability.

But I wouldn’t count on that changing the long-term direction of their economy. And they’re buying a modern military to boot, one that we can be sure doesn’t put its soldiers in high heels [] or seek to drive out members who lack sufficient political correctness [ ]. I don’t know what would happen to a flag-burner in China and I suspect the very idea is unthinkable to the average Chinese citizen.

And we can be sure that there are teams of very smart Chinese working on ways to send our aircraft carriers – and the rest of the Seventh Fleet – straight to the bottom of the South China Sea, should they want to.

Now we have got some teams of smart people as well, although I suspect that they’ll soon be under fire for not meeting their Diversity and Inclusion Quotas – so in the event of a conflict, who knows what would happen.

Hopefully, men like this fellow [] will be listened to, and situations like this [ ] will not be again brushed under the carpet.

But given what he have learned about our top military leaders – with the exception of the one they’ve thrown into prison – I’m not optimistic.

But if there is to be a conflict, let it be with them sailing off our coasts a long way from their home bases, and not – as it is now – the other way around.

The company I used to work for made the AEGIS system that protects them for incoming missile threats.

It hasn’t kept pace against the threats China can produce now. They are targets.

Perhaps, but disunity is a thing.

Not sure of your point here. Disunity – in the US – is a reality. Often you hear, nowadays, that “we are more disunited than at any time since the Civil War.”

Actually, we are far more disunited than we were then.

Disunity can be overcome in two ways: one side just keeps crushing down the other, and eventually the losers fade away and become just a collection of eccentrics. Think Jacobites in the UK, or monarchists in France. This is the hope of the Left in the US.

Or, differences can be compromised. The ‘extremes’ of the two different sides are not happy, but the broad middle of each side is willing to live with the compromises it has had to make with the enemy: this is how the class divide in politics in Europe – free market vs (genuine) socialism – has been dealt with in the 20th Century. A little socialism – old-age pensions and other welfare measures, including health care, supported from general taxation, with the rich paying more; some nationalization of basic industries, although this proved to be such a flop that most European nations have backed out of it, something you can do in a democracy; and a lot of capitalism, regulated and taxed, but capitalism nonetheless. Nobody’s perfectly happy, but most people are happy enough.

Can current divisions in the US be compromised? Some of them can: where they parallel the ‘European’ divisions – ie social welfare measures – they probably can: the US could adopt some form of national health care – there are many models available, not just full British-style socialized medicine – and the Right would eventually accept them, just as they have effectively accepted the minimum wage, workmen’s compensation, child labor laws, Social Security. [And not least because the rank and file of the Right actually want these things.]

Abortion is a subject which is very hard to find a middle ground for. For fifty years, the Right has lived with it. Republican politicians could thunder against it, safe in the knowledge they would, could, do little about it. People who were for the right to abortion, but otherwise conservative, could vote for these politicians safe in the knowledge that they would, could, do nothing to outlaw it. That has now changed. My guess is that this will drive more people away from the Right, but I could be wrong.

Gun control is a kind of symmetric position for the Left. Although many on the Left would like to ban all handguns and all self-loading long arms, at a minimum, your AR15 is probably safe for a while, even under Mr Biden.

The other ‘cultural’ issues, although they are more difficult to nail down than abortion and gun control, are harder to compromise on. On the other hand, they are almost never clear cut. You either think the Soviet spy Ethyl Rosenberg was a heroine, like the liberals who run New York City, or you don’t. You either think homeless drug addicts should be allowed to set up camps in city parks, or you don’t. You either think the American flag should be flown at every public institution, and honored at all public events, or you don’t.

About half of Americans love their country, and the other half either loathe it, or are lukewarm towards it, or are not concerned about the previous two trends, except insofar as they may embarrass them in the political struggle.

Events push the broad middle one way, and then the other. The choking to death of George Lloyd was a great victory for the Left, and drove a lot of liberals towards the hard-core anti Americans. The debacle in Afghanistan was a defeat for the Left, and pushed a lot of the middle towards the patriots. This isn’t ‘national unity’ but it does push down the obvious disunity for a period.

But the differences beween patriots and globalists in the US today are deep and irreconcilable.

So we’re not going to have any national unity.

In mid-2001 I was still working for INTERFET in East Timor basically playing secretary. I was talking to a bunch of other Australians about the upcoming Australian federal election and how so many people felt betrayed by John Howards broken promise over the GST. One person off-handedly commented how the East Timorese government is more functional and unified than our own and was overheard by a passing East Timorese soldier. The soldier stopped and stared at the guy with thinly veiled contempt and said, “You are rich and free so you have the luxury to fight one another.” and then walked off muttering something in Portuguese. That soldier turned out to be Alfredo Reinado, but I think he was still right. .

My point? The hyper-partisanship seen in the US can viewed as a testament to the luxury and stability the country enjoys.

I’ve read about the Chinese hyper-velocity missiles. Have there been any observed demonstrations or are they just parade props? The CCP is doing a lot of saber rattling for domestic consumption.

The U.S. Navy is working on laser weapons and larger power plants to keep them charged.

As far as I know neither the hyper-velocity missiles or the lasers are operational yet.

My opinion of the current situation: The U.S. would be soundly defeated in a land war and China would be soundly defeated in a sea war.

Not that, missile systems like Sizzler that the Chinese build on license.

Low flying, supersonic, deployed both from ground and submarines. AEGIS can’t counter that. Lasers could counter a few, but it’s questionable if it’s a swarm.

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No, I’d say more like the luxury and stability that we used to enjoy. I don’t think the current recession is going to get better in any significant way, and I expect it will get a lot worse. And so will the state of our freedom, with the obvious power grabs by the left. And the leftist media isn’t even making much of an attempt at disguising what they are; they’re just trying to fool enough swing voters, and that’s about it.