Arizona woman eats two 72-ounce steaks in an hour at Big Texan in Amarillo


The meal includes shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad, roll, and butter, along with the steak. It ALL has to be eaten in the time allowed. It ALL has to be swallowed.
(It had to be coming out of her ass while going in her mouth.)


I’m not impressed with people who eat a lot. I’m more impressed with people who can contain their desire to eat. It’s much harder to eat little than to eat a lot.


…and yet, this woman is FAR from obese. How do you explain it?


I wondered about that myself. I have two theories. One is that she has a metabolism like a Tasmanian Devil and never stops moving. The other is that she has incredible discipline and fasts for days after these contests to allow her to burn all the food off.




Atkins is a NASTY diet!


Burgers cheese and/or green chili (no bun), bacon, eggs, cheese omelets, salads drenched in chunky bleu cheese, pepperoni and cheese snacks, delicious Atkins snack bars and carrot juice (for vitamins). I went from 197 to 165 in 2 months with the same moderate exercise I have always done.

No pizza. :cry:


Maybe she has diabetes. Many years ago there was a fellow in the office where I worked who ate vast quantities of food. He made a box, lined with wax paper in which he carried three giant cups of coffee that he bought and consumed every morning and afternoon. Yet, he was as skinny as a rail. Having read abut symptoms, I have wondered if that was his problem.

On another note, just think of her carbon footprint. CNBC now has a “carbon footprint confessional site” where you can own up to your “environmental sins.” One of the “sins” is grilling a steak once a week.

Oh the shame of it! My wife and I have been sinners for years! In fact we are going to sin again this evening since Friday is “steak night.” I think that I will continue to be a sinner who has strayed from the fold.


Heh, I sin pretty often, and 8m completely unrepentant. I’m going to enviro-hell!


I started experimenting a little with the keto diet, which is similar to Atkins. That caused my gall bladder to speak up and eventually landed me in the hospital. Now I’m condemned to read package labels and choose the lowest fat foods. (But man I loved salami while it lasted.)


There is one school of thought that insists that mankind only became self-aware and sentient when we achieved the ability to easily digest fats by first COOKING them. (Apologies to the evangelicals amongst us who take Genesis literally.)


This is a fascinating connection, almost unbelievable (even though I am not an Evangelical). I’d like to read more about it. Do you have any references handy? Thanks.


Apologies, but this sounds hilarious. If our ancestors were not self-aware and not sentient, yet they were cooking, were they zombies while they cooked? Maybe there’s something to all these zombie TV shows.


Have you seen people shuffling around with their faces glued yo their cel phones? :joy:


Our ancient ancestors ate cooked foods only after they’d been burned over by wildfires, decided it was better that way, harnessed fire and started cooking ALL their meats thereafter. I don’t have any references, OD. This is something I read decades ago while in college. I suppose maybe a google search might be able to find an article about it though.


I think that’s just sort of a reasonable assumption, not necessarily founded on direct evidence.


We stop by The Big Texan a couple of times a year - not the best steak around, but pretty good. It you can consume the 72 oz steak in an hour or less, it’s free. The table for those giving it a try is elevated so the other patrons can witness the attempt. Relatively few people have ever accomplished the feat - as I recall, the record time is about 8 minutes.

How did this woman - who appears of average build - consume such a huge quantity of food?? The answer is not to be found in her metabolic rate - she obviously doesn’t eat a a calf’s rear hindquarter on a regular basis. Given her apparent lack of obesity, she obviously self-regurgitates soon after her competitive eating sessions, thus effectively limiting her caloric intake…

So, what’s the answer? Know this - the stomach is a VERY ELASTIC organ. Repetitive binging can/will stretch the stomach over time, thus often dramatically increasing it’s capacity. Recall, this woman, according to the story, is a “professional competitive eater”.

Medically speaking, her feat of consuming two 72 oz pieces of meat, while remarkable, is not inexplicable.


There are probably anthropologists or other scientists who are certain this is what happened. It’s sad. It’s based on the misguided notion that man evolved from lower lifeforms. But a close look at evolution shows the supposed evolution of microbe to man is a hoax or a fervent belief by atheists who want it to be true.

I often wonder what knowledge Adam and Eve were created with. They obviously knew how to talk. What else did they know? Did they have a detailed knowledge of math, physics, chemistry and thermodynamics? If so, then the first several generations of humans would have learned it from them.

Early man after the flood possessed enough advanced knowledge to build the Egyptian pyramids with astounding mathematical detail. But soon thereafter knowledge seemed to wane. But there surely never was a time when men found scorched animals and learned to cook as a result.