Armed Protesters, Glynn County Courthouse (video)

Black Panthers March outside of the Glynn County Courthouse where the Ahmaud Arbrey trial is ongoing.

Closing arguments were heard today, protesters say “Black People are not gonna take a not guilty verdict here laying down”.

I think that these guys should be convicted, but these armed Black Panthers are bad news. These guys think that a race war would be cool, and if they keep it up, they could get what they want.

This group has been out in the past causing trouble. They stand outside of polling places with rifles intimidating voters.

Where are the “Progressives” who are so concerned about gun control? Nowhere to be seen when it comes to armed Black militants.

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Former police officer and a friend of Candace Owens …


Of what? What is their (the Black panthers in this particular case) crime?

You mean, like these guys?


But you don’t have a problem with it right? You support their right to carry firearms in this manner, correct?

Where he’s wrong is in the justifications for killing Arbery.

But I doubt you really post these things because you are interested in discussion. You’re more of a provocateur, you post things but you cannot or will not defend them with a reasoned argument.

I’m sorry … you said something?
I was busy looking up the definition of your “ten dollar” word … provocateur!

When I get one of those days, you know, the ones where all you want to do is argue, debate and destroy lefties … you will be the first one that I think of!
(How’s that for an “agent provocateur!?”) 8)

He (the man in the vid you posted) is wrong in his justifications.

Do you want to discuss my choices of vocabulary, or are you willing to discuss the issue at hand?

This one comes by every few days to drop what they feel like is a good point, I think they’re fringe. Doug, Sendgop, FC, Guts, & Alaska Slim are usually sincere. The one I can barely keep up with is Alsaka, he’s the kind of guy to read hayek for fun. I don’t doubt there’s some truth to Neo-Liberal economics but when anything is taken to a T without moderation unintended consequences are born.