Armed Texas Mosque Protestor Shares Home Addresses Of Local Muslims


The leader of a group of armed anti-Muslim protesters in Texas posted the addresses of dozens of local Muslims and “Muslim sympathizer(s)” to Facebook on Tuesday.
David Wright III was behind an armed protest Saturday outside of a mosque in Irving, Texas by a group calling itself the “Bureau on American Islamic Relations,” according to The Dallas Morning News.

Wright prefaced the list of addresses, which appeared to be copied over from a city document, by writing that those named “stood up for Sharia tribunals”:

Armed Texas Mosque Protestor Shares Home Addresses Of Local Muslims

Of course CAIR is upset because this group used the same tactics that CAIR is famous for. By their actions this group singled out those who support terrorism.


Bravo (Kinda like how liberal cities shared same info on CCW/CHL/CWP Holders …


Despicable and un-American, of course. But that’s “conservatism” these days folks.


If it were Pedos you would say same thing ?


Pretty clear that the government is going to do nothing to protect the citizenry, so the citizenry had best be looking after themselves. And I’m actually okay with that. I got plenty of JHP, and I’m too old to be sent to fight 'em over there…


[quote=“Jazzhead, post:3, topic:47828”]
Despicable and un-American, of course. But that’s “conservatism” these days folks.
[/quote]It is despicable and it is Nazi.


Does this guy know for certain that these individuals are terrorists? If he doesn’t have ironclad proof, then he’s just a criminal intimidating people for their religious beliefs.


[quote=“Gator_Monroe, post:4, topic:47828”]
If it were Pedos you would say same thing ?
[/quote]Dude a thing is right or wrong period…doesn’t matter if nothing is perfect.


These fools need to go back home. Unless they know for sure that those attending the Mosque are terrorist they them selves are terrorizing innocent citizens. Last I checked in this country American, yes that is what they are, citizens are innocent until proven guilty.


I think the point is these people want to overturn U.S. law and replace with Islamic law which then would be used to control even non muslims. The same would apply if mexicans came in and demanded that they be held to mexican law instead of the laws of this country.

Case in point recently a community elected a muslim council and it is still up in the air before we hear that the polish citizens be told to convert, leave or die.


There are (officially) something close to 100,000,000 armed citizens in this country, many of them veterans, and their personal firearms comprise by far (like by-orders-of-magnitude far) the largest small arms arsenal in the world. And that’s just what the government is aware of. American’s will have to decline to fight for this country in order for us to lose it…

We’re screwed, ain’t we?


Are they staying within the bounds of the law? Muslims had better get used to the idea of suspicion and scrutiny, because it isn’t going away, just like we better get used to the idea of losing people to islamist attacks, because we haven’t seen the last of them. That’s just the reality of it. Islam has proved a poor predictor of benevolent intent., so my sympathies are muted, here


I do not disagree but to terrorize American citizens without proof and cause is a line I will not cross. If this is the way we are going to treat our own citizens might as well round them up and toss them into internment camps like we did our Japanese citizens in WWII. I eye those of the Islamic faith with a wary eye but I will treat them as an American until I have cause not to.


And yet we do not read about attacks by americans against muslims in this country while we see attacks and attempted attacks by muslims found and stopped by agencies.

We now have muslim prayer in our schools. We see muslim advertising allowed while christian and jewish not allowed. We do not have mosque bombed or their members killed but we do have muslim rape gangs raping women.

Muslims Gang Rape American Woman In Colorado, In Rare And Horrific Ways - Walid Shoebat

The feigned outrage of muslims against imaginary ills while they support terrorists and want to impose their morality on us is all a web of lies.


There are officially at least 4 Socially Liberal regular Posters @ This Conservative Republican Forum Board (And they will go “Survivor” and Rat Pack others they deem disruptive to their vision for disunity here…


Problem is, Seravee, that your first clue that you “have cause not to” may be a Molotov cocktail thrown through your window–or a bullet between your shoulder blades. Their “holy book” DEMANDS that they lie to you about their intentions and make you feel “safe” around them–until they are ready to show their true colors.


I am reminded of stories I have read of christian arabs who have muslim neighbors who they got along with till one day that christian is beaten up or killed by his neighbors.


You have misread what I wrote. I don’t trust them further than I can throw them. I am 100lbs soaking wet btw. The only place I feel safe in in my home. I am willing to give them the benefit of doubt. If they want to turn extremist around me they will be meet with a bullet between their shoulder blades before I will.