Army Troops in Capital as Negroes Riot

While the left is attacking President Trump on talks of sending federal troops to out of control cities …

Missing from their outrage is an inconvenient history!

The deployment of regular army troops to Chicago, (and others) to control civil disorder by Democrat President Johnson!

Guard Sent into Chicago, Detroit, Boston

April 6, 1968

Special to The New York Times

Protesters face off with armed National Guardsmen during the Democratic National Convention

I have reached the point where I think that it’s time for Trump to bring the troops home from Portland and let the rioters burn down the Federal Courthouse. The government is wasting money hand over fist anyway, so what difference does it make if they burn down another $75 million dollar building? The Federal Reserve will just buy more bonds from the Federal Government to pay for it.

Besides it will show in stark contrast what these Democrat politicians are. The Oregon governor, the mayor and district attorney all support the rioters. When they destroy the courthouse, the rest of country will see what the Democrat Party stands for.

Those who support the destruction of public property can vote for Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Omar and AOC. If they are now the majority, then we will know that the votes have decided to destroy the country to save it. A year or so from now, when these Democrat Socialist voters are scrounging for meals off of garbage trucks, like the people of Venezuela, they will feel the full impart of their “social justice experiment.” Maybe George Soros will buy a fleet of garbage trucks to feed them.