Arrests continue of Christians accused of proselytizing in Libya


Arrests continue of Christians accused of proselytizing in Libya, with a total of seven now known to be in custody including one reported to have been tortured, sources said. Four expatriate Christians in the eastern coastal town of Benghazi were arrested on Feb. 10, accused of proselytizing. Libya’s Preventative Security Unit arrested the Egyptian, South African, Korean and dual Swedish-American Christians, who have yet to be officially charged.
On Feb. 13, Preventative Security officers picked up two more Egyptian Christians, and another Egyptian Christian was arrested by Feb. 16, sources said. All the detainees were being held in Benghazi. It was unclear what led to their arrests.

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At least they are now free thanks to the spreading of democracy. Maybe we should send them some Abrams tanks, funding and F-16s as well.


I beleive it was said by a member here that each country is free to do what ever they want to the minorities in their countries. If they do not want Christians in their country or want to treat them like secondhand citizens that it is their business.


The Germans wanted to get rid of 12 million.
Then concur the world. And Islam wants to concur the world.
Evil spreads again and again. But not all Muslims are bad, nor were all Germans.


Please Seravee; The Christian knows the danger of Witnessing for Christ, that does not give the nation Carte Blanche to arrest and kill them. The Muslin does the same wherever they go.


Do what now?


No reason to be a jerk dude. He meant conquer. The point got across fair enough.


Oh yes, please please please piss off South Africa. They will tear into you like a bat outta hell.


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Why start a thread and then piddle on it? It was about the Libyan arrests of Christian Missionaries. What was your reason for inserting it here? Do you agree with the arrests or disagree?


Hmmm…interesting concept. I wonder what would happen if we did the same with muslims…?


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