Articulating the pro-life case

Yesterday on Focus on the Family’s radio broadcast, they had part one of a two-part lecture on the subject of making the case in favor of not aborting the unborn. The “guest” (they didn’t actually interview him; they just played a recording of one of his speaking engagements) was a man named Scott Klusendorf, who specializes in bio-ethics. Of particular interest to me is how he laid out the four significant differences between the born and unborn, and debunked any possible moral difference between killing the born and unborn.

He used the simple acronym S.L.E.D. as a memory tool for the four characteristics (some of them use multiple words, so you still have to work to memorize it):

Level of development
Degree of dependence

It’s an articulate and humorous discussion. The broadcast is available on their website, and includes a transcript option, and a link to part two. Reaching Hearts on Abortion (Part 1 of 2) | Focus on the Family