As a young voter, I pray for the days our voices become a lot stronger.


I’m a 24-year-old younger voter, but I just want to have a voice in this coming election. I am neither conservative or liberal, but independent. I only want what is good for our country both domestically and economically. The only ones who care more about defending free market principles right now is the tea party conservatives, and even the establishment GOP in some limited ways. The dems, despite they are the more “liberal” party, may pretend to support these ideas in some circumstances, but I don’t think they act the walk either.

Unfortunately, the GOP entirely has had no success in winning the white house. Two out of the three last two-term presidents we had were democrats. So, being young I am just praying that our voice becomes stronger. The really liberal young people sure are giving the young conservatives a bad name.

I’m also tired of all this crap about “the sky is falling” because there is a anti-conservative in the WH. I don’t agree with the current course of DC, and I fear it will happen again for at least another 4 years, and yes, it’s true that the current administrations are anti-American to their core, but all of the doom and gloom is really scaring the hell out of me.

I’m all out of ideas. The only thing I haven’t done is probably to write to congress.