As House GOP faces decision on its future, McConnell defends Cheney, rebukes Greene in rare set of statements

Mitch McConnell is either inconsistent or does not adhere to the Constitution.

McConnell has rebuked Marjorie Taylor Greene who has been labeled a Q Anon conspiracy theorist. Yet, McConnell defended Liz Cheney who voted for and supports impeaching Donald Trump.

Either McConnell believes the conspiracy he is rebuking Greene for believing making McConnell inconsistent and a hypocrite, or he is defending someone who is trying to impeach a private citizen, which is not Constitutional.

Either way, that’s the way it works in Washington. Do what they want and believe what they want you to believe and you will be fine. If you don’t, they’ll try to remove you from committees, leadership, and push you out of office. They don’t want anyone bucking the establishment.

It is the same elitism that has contributed to their belief they are royalty ruling over the masses rather than the reality of representing and working for the people.

Washington is a Babylonian whore like Hollywood its ugly sister from the same brothel.

McConnell has done some good things, but in end the end he’s a swamp creature like the rest of Washington. He has to defend Liz Cheney because she is part of an establishment family and therefore a member of “Republican Aristocracy.”

The Congresswoman from Georgia is “a commoner” and therefore can be cast aside. Unfortunately if some of the others things I have read about her are true (says 9-11 and Sandy Hook were hoaxes) she poses a problem.

Our first instinctive response when quarrels arise within the patriot camp should be: Unity, unity, unity!
Internal quarrels have split and destroyed political movements far more often than attacks from their enemies.

But … after this response … we have to stop and reflect. Sometimes you have to be ruthless and amputate a grangrenous limb.

My own response here: Greene is a liability and needs to go. She’s just too nutty.

Cheney is different. She needs a good shaking, and some instruction in realpolitik. The Democrats are happy to embrace lynch-mob inspirers like Al Sharpton. They are happy to endorse ‘insurrection’ — the seisure of Capitol Buildings – when their side does it. They bail out violent rioters who burn down police stations. So whatever Mr Trump did – which was no more than some careless talk, not even incitement – was NOTHING compared to what the enemy does.

We ought to hold ourselves to high standards, even as the other side does not, but that doesn’t mean committing suicide. Mr Trump has left office. Let them be content with that. Liz Cheney is not being a traitor, she’s being a goody-goody. I agree with Dan Crenshaw’s attitude to her.

If she is later replaced by a Republican with a better sense of the ruthlessness you need in war, then good. She really ought to be standing as a Republican in a state where there are a lot of liberal moderates to whom we need to appeal.

Here’s the main point: a section of the patriot movement/Republican Party consists of hardline patriots. They are the backbone of the movement.

But … and this is just life … there are millions of other Republican voters, or potential voters, who are ‘softer’, less ferocious, more worried about the opinions of the liberal Democrat mothers in their PTA. People who don’t care that much about patriotism but who know that the Federal Government can’t just print money. People who are worried about the violent extremism with which the Democratic Party seems more and more comfortable. People who sometimes vote for us and sometimes vote for the Democrats.

We don’t want these people to run the Republican Party, but we don’t want to drive them away, either. We need to be Reagan’s “big tent”. But notice that Reagan was the head of the Big Tent.

You win by splitting the other side, encouraging their divisions, and cultivating allies, even ones with whom you may have big disagreements.

Purity is for little religious sects. We need to be completely focussed on POWER. If your rounds are impacting among the enemy, you’re my pal – even if you are completely wrong about fiat money or teaching the Protestant religion in schools or gay marriage.

So, bye-bye Ms Greene --because the crazy ideas you espouse are probably fixed in your mind and we cannot save you. You’re a liability. You drive away more than you bring in.

But Liz Cheney has made an error of judgement. She’s being too pure, not the worst sin in the world, just something we can’t afford as the Republic begins to sink while the Left are busy with their augurs.

She would have probably wanted to cut off aid to Joseph Stalin in 1943, just because he presided over gulags which worked Christian prisoners to death.

There is such a thing as being too nice. Sometimes you have to make hard choices. She hasn’t made the hard choice here, she’s gone with her niceness impulse. We shouldn’t emulate her in this by going with our vengeance impulse. We have to do what will strengthen, or at least not weaken, our side.

This is a woman who believes in Jewish Space Lasers, 9/11 was an inside job and school shootings were faked. I wouldn’t trust her to sit on the right way of a toilet seat much less act in an elected capacity.

No, I am not making any of this up. Marjorie Taylor Greene believes the California fires of 2018 were cause by space lasers created by a Jewish cabal funded by Rothschilds.

Quick question; how many “commoners” do you know who inherit a multi million dollar construction company and is so rich they can buy a cross fit gym on a whimsy? She is as common as I am conservative. Give me a break.

The latter is more concerning a mistake than the former. Though I’m not certain quite what that mistake was.. I’ve seen the post she was “agreeing” with, it may have just been the part where people are saying “paid to keep mouth shut” instead of “false flag.”

Anyway, the “laser” actually exists. Her misunderstanding is in how the power was returned to Earth, and that it hadn’t launched.

I do find the personal connections between the people she points out interesting, along with the socializing of PG&E’s costs by California. What, they don’t have insurance for this sort of thing?

Kind of shows you the downside of running an industry as utilities / cartels.

All of them can be explained away in a vacuum. Anyone who believes all of the stuff Taylor Greene does is a nut job. Also, I left out the obscene stuff like call for politicians to be executed or harassing teenagers who survived a school well. The woman is a scumbag, pure and simple. If someone reflexively defends anyone like that just because they have an “R” next to their name it speaks volumes about one’s character.

Cousin marriages.

Her conclusions are not sound, the problem she’s alluding to is very real.

There was a quid pro quo going on between PG&E, and the former Governor.

When known problems go unanswered for years if not decades, you’re inviting wide-eyed accusations.
When the system is not accountable, why not accuse it of everything that goes wrong?

What that is, is people responding to a problem but not knowing fully how to explain or grasp it.

People labeled conspiracy theorists often seek truth rather than accepting things at face value. It reflects a Draconian limitation on speech to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from leadership rolls for what she says and believes. If she is removed, so should everyone in a congressional committee leadership roll who believed in the Russian collusion hoax be removed from their position.

You make a good point @Right_Wing. If you don’t believe in the Russian hoax, you will be run out of the Democrat Party. This does open the door for cancel culture abuse. Cancel culture is like calling someone a racist. When you are a Democrat, all you have to do is label someone, and rest of the party leadership and the corrupt news media join in.

The trouble is, this woman has made some bizarre assertions.

If the Republic goes under, then centuries from now, historians will argue over the following enormous paradox:

About 75 million Americans – half the voting population and this proportion probably extends to the non-voting population – love their country and don’t want to see it destroyed by the Left.

And probably among those who voted for Biden, there are many millions who basically feel the same way, but couldn’t take another four years of Trump. In fact, the people who are really motivated by the conscious to utterly change America into some hideous national ‘CHAZ’ are probably a small minority, who are skillful at manipulating others around them, playing on their white guilt, opportunism, cowardice, etc.

And … on our side are not just large numbers, but many people with substantial financial means.

But … we’re always on the defensive, losing battle after battle. Mr Trump can bring hundreds of thousands to Washington … but there is then no one, no organization, in charge, so fiascos like the invasion of Congress can take place – perhaps aided by provocateurs from the other side, but the point is … we had no force to identify and deal with them.

AntiFa and BurnLootMurder can turn up to destroy businesses, and armed patriots will appear to defend them … but once again, they are a collection of well-meaning individuals. Thus they make elementary military mistakes, like – as in Kyle Rittenhouse’s case – allowing themselves to get isolated among the murderous vermin of the other side.

Probably a majority of the ranks – as opposed to the opportunist careerist leaders – of the police and military are with us. But we have no program to systematically cultivate contact with them, or to fight their hollowing-out by Politically Correct decrees.

We need a mass organization, led by sober, experienced people, not ideologues, not loons, not people seeking to make a buck out of the movement.

Why don’t we have such an organization?

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The left has far more party discipline than we have. Just look at the way Nancy Pelosi’s troops vote it the House. They are a block. There is no descent.

What few votes that might wonder are planned. If Pelosi knows she has a vote locked up, she will allow a representative from a competitive district vote against it to make them look better in the next election.

On our side, you have 10 Republicans voting with the Pelosi Democrats to impeach the president after he has left office. Our side is like “herding cats.”

The left has the discipline of a revolutionary party. They weed out the deserters with threats of lost committee assignments and “primarying.” We have guys like Romney and McCain who pride themselves with “reaching across the aisle.” The Democrats take their votes and are laughing at them behind closed doors.

No body reaches across the aisle on the Democrat side. They take and never give anything in return. Compromise is taken as a sign of weakness.

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I think the Republican Party has fought just as dirty as the Democrats, if not more so.
The problem is, when patriots think of politics, they think of political parties – American political parties, which are just apparatuses for getting people elected.
But what we need is an organization for which elections are just one aspect of what it does. Call it a ‘political party’, but what we need is a mass organization, one that seeks to actively involve millions of people in its activities.
In the past this has not really been something that American character was happy with. People pursued their private lives and left politics to the politicians. “I’m a Republican” meant that you usually voted Republican, not that you were an active party member.

Perhaps this cannot be changed. But if it’s not, I think we’re going down.

The Left gets the effect of a mass party by having hundreds of organizations with lots of committed people in them, and, more and more, a totalitarian ‘cancel culture’ that they use to purge their own dissenters and doubters.

So they march on, destroying the education system in particular, and the culture in general.

Our elite public schools which required high intellectual standards to get in, where many of our best scientists and mathematicians were trained, are being destroyed: opened up to those who cannot make the intellectual grade, in order not to offend the Left’s favorite victim groups.

Now … I can promise you, almost all scientists and mathematicians in the US will believe this is a terrible idea, including the large proportion of liberals among them. But they will be afraid to speak out.

We ought to be able to reach some of these people, to make an alliance to fight back against the idiotizing of our best schools. But we have no organization which is oriented towards doing political combat on every level. All we have is the Republican Party, which is only oriented to getting people elected.

Got anything of value to contribute?

(Not holding my breath.)

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@MrBlue has wandered into the propellors on this site, and usually his contributions are what Lionell Trilling said about conservative ideology in 1950, “Irritable mental gestures”. And not the cerebral cortex part of mental at that.

However he has an interesting contribution on religion on another thread. Lenin, of all people, pointed out that “God Himself gives young people the right to spout nonsense for a while,” [] so we should be at least as tolerant as Lenin.

Lenin was probably thinking of the young people who were White Russians.

Actually, he was speaking of ultra-Left Communists at the time – people who wanted the Party in their countries to remain ‘underground’, who wanted to leave the trade unions which were headed by Socialists and set up ‘pure’ Communist-led unoins.

Lenin knew the Party had to be inside the mass organizations, had to take advantage of every possibility for ‘legal’ action, had to support the British Labour Party against the Tories (‘like a rope supports a hanged man’ as he put it).

He was no fool.

I sometimes think of these examples when I read statements by patriots about how RINOS need to driven out of the Republican Party, or how the Party itself needs to be destroyed and a ‘pure’ Patriot Party constructed in its place.

A sort-of-militia site that I frequent sometimes, has a bunch of people who want our side to go completely underground – no public meetings, no speaking tours, etc. They’re paranoid – although probably motivated more by the desire to sit and watch their flat-screen TVs rather than going out and doing the sort of public things – leafletting, tabling, holding meetings, holding demonstrations – that might actually require them to do something other than puff a lot of hot air online while sitting at a keyboard waiting for the next episode of their favorite soap opera to start.

These people think that it’s all over, patriots failed to rise up last month, so we’re doomed. They can’t tell the difference between North Korea and North Carolina.

wow. telling

What does it ‘tell’ you?