Asphyxiation not the cause of George Floyd's death: Autopsy

Yeah, 9 minutes with a cops knee on his neck while he begged for mercy had nothing to do with his death; purely coincidental.


Nobody is claiming that the incident “had nothing to do” with his death. What the ME (science) is saying is that the stress of that situation along with likely drug use and an underlying heart/circulatory condition cause him to die. He was NOT strangled.

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It doesn’t matter. The policeman’s conduct was inappropriate. If this had been a White man, and he had died from the stress, the conclusion would be the same. The policeman, who more than likely should have been fired years ago, should be facing charges, and the policemen around him should be investigated also.


Actually, it DOES matter. No, that officer had no business kneeling on the guy’s neck for 8 or 9 minutes while he complained that he couldn’t breathe. Still, kneeling on his neck was NOT the proximate cause of his demise. His heart condition, stress, probably drug use and criminal behavior were just as likely to have caused his death as someone kneeling on his neck.

I hope you are not searching for a way to let this guy off. There is no ethical and legal justification for it. As for the political aspects, if you go on that side, get ready for President Biden.

There is no upside to defending this guy for any reason.

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Not “defending” anything or anyone. I agree that the officer was in the wrong. I just question whether what he did specifically CAUSED Mr. Floyd to pass away or whether he would have passed anyway because of his heart condition, drugs or some other reason. The ME seems to suspect that the man had drugs in his system and is awaiting the tox-screen results before making a final decision on the cause of death. Still, the officer had no business putting his knee on the man’s neck for an extended period and could very easily have killed him by doing so. He absolutely deserved to be fired. Whether he deserves to go to prison will be up to a jury of his peers eventually.

I agree with the decision of the jury part. If I were on a grand jury, for what I’ve seen, I’d vote in indict him. Even if the guy had drugs in his system, the cop used excessive and inappropriate force. If you let him off, it sends a very bad message to everyone.

A minor example, but when I was in my 40s, I was driving the road I usually took to the train station to go into Boston for work. That morning I very specifically rode the brakes all the way down a hill to see what you had to do to stay within the speed limit. To me, that area seemed like a speed trap.

This town cop comes up behind me, and I’m thinking nothing of it. Then he turns on his lights, and I pull over. I comes up to me and starts in about how I was speeding and ignoring him. He sees a garage door opener clipped to my sun visor and tells me it’s a radar detector.

I am a 40+ year old guy, wearing a gray business suit and tie, with black and gray hair, driving a small, late model 1986 Buick with a four cylinder engine. He tells me he’s going to give me a ticket. I told him that he and I would be going to court because I had been monitoring my speed and knew I was below the speed limit.

He backed off, but it made me wonder what it would have been like if I had been Black or even a teenager, inarticulate, and had been driving a beat-up old car. I can understand what it’s like if you are powerless. I respect the police, but respect goes both ways.

At the same time it does not give you the right to riot and burn down buildings.

Also kneeling on ones neck can crush the Carotid artery or strangle it and cause permanent damage. I know in some places this is considered accepted police restraint, but it should never be used.

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The cops are trying to sell the “he was not strangled” narrative as a red herring, nobody ever said he was strangled to death; he was clearly no threat to anyone in cuffs on the ground while these cops tortured him to death as he begged for his life.

Absolutely correct, but the Racist narrative that creates these riots serve the Left far better than talking about the inherent corruption of a Unionized police force that covers up its own crimes.

That is why nothing will change, the Left get their reelection funds from these Unions so they must push the narrative in a direction that does not threaten their cash cow.

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In my view of the videos, George Floyd was actually in the squad car and under control. He was then dragged out laid on the pavement and executed. There was obvious intent. The charge should be 1st degree murder.

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The guy obviously was NOT the “gentle giant” the press is portraying him to be, huh? BTW, Old Dog, HOW did you come got the conclusion that he was “in the patrol car and dragged out, laid on the pavement and executed?” There isn’t any VISUAL evidence that he was ever IN the patrol car. There’s a lot missing here. He’s led off camera in cuffs and the next shot he’s on his face on the pavement with a cop kneeling on his neck? What happened in the interim?

New video appears to show cops, George Floyd struggling inside squad car.

I don’t watch the news. What was Mr. Floyd being arrested for? This whole thing makes me nauseous. Jesus must be coming back soon…

So he has been clean for the last 13 years after getting saved as was reported, I am shocked that the media actually reported something true.

Trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill.

I don’t doubt that, this cop clearly had no intention of closing the car door and driving to the station; he wanted blood and I am sure Floyd knew this very early on.

Second autopsy by Dr. Michael Baden concludes “homicide by mechanical asphyxiation”.