Associated Press says U.S. government seized journalists' phone records


Under sweeping subpoenas, Justice Department obtained AP phone records in leak investigation - The Washington Post


I should be more POed about this than I am! And I mean that. But when the Obamians went after Fox News, the MSM laughed and cheered. When the Obamians went after TEA Party people and other conservatives, the MSM laughed and mocked. When the Obamians went after Pro-Life Catholics and Protestants, the MSM laughed and egged them on. When the Obamians went after the “gun nuts” the MSM was helping lead the charge.

So I’m a mix of: schadenfreude; POed at yet another infringement of the Bill of Rights by the Obama ***Mal***Administration; POed at having to be supportive of MSM folk who have been actively hostile to the likes of me for decades! If I had any hope that this experience might turn the MSM neutral/objective towards conservatives, social conservatives and theological conservative Christians and Jews, that latter might be much less. But after decades of MSM hostility, I’ll believe it when I’ve been seeing it for a couple of years!


You and I, both, Pete.
What’s confusing is trying to figure out what Stuxnet, (which I thought the divulging of needed looking into, myself), and a squashed terrorist attempt out of Yemen has to do with Republicans requesting an investigation into Obama making up stories to beef up his image for re-election.

Which is it? The leaking of true (classified) information, OR making up stories?

I guess in the scheme of things it doesn’t really matter, but it is rather ironic that the AP can’t even keep their own story straight while whining about being persecuted. However, they did manage to blame the Republicans. At least they’re consistent in that regard.

As an aside, I couldn’t help getting a chuckle out of this guy’s name:

“This investigation is broader and less focused on an individual source or reporter than any of the others we’ve seen,” said Steven Aftergood, a government secrecy expert…

Is it purely coincidence that people with such appropriate names to fit their job description end up in those professions?


The AP is angry now that the shoe is on their foot.


“They getting all wee wee’d up…”