At least two Democratic Iowa caucuses were determined by a coin flip


I’m not sure how much stock one can place on this article as it is Yahoo News, but it is interesting nonetheless. Hillary won both coin flips as it turned out. He’s definitely not my cup of tea, but you have to love an underdog like Sanders who takes on big money with an average of $27 dollar donations. At the end his speech was pretty passionate.

A self proclaimed 74 year old socialist taking on the anointed leader and fighting for a tie? This is as absurd as say a celebrity game show host becoming president :smiley:

The Democrat voters might be a little blurry on what socialism represents, and they certainly don’t appreciate that it has been America’s free market capitalist system along with natural laws that protect/enhance individual worth and determination that created the most envied and admired nation in the world. As Rubio stated, this election is a referendum.

One great man once said; and I will purposely omit the religious connotation in an otherwise obvious religious figure in history: “they know not what they do…”