At least we aren't France. Yet

Once picture pretty much says it all

Our American media outlets would have us believe that a few crazy people showed up at a restaurant to protest new vaccine laws. I think it’s a little bigger than that.

I guess the situation is that vaccines for all health care workers have become mandatory, as well as school kids. Now it’s gotten to the point where you won’t be able to buy or sell without a vax?

Just think what would happen if the entire world showed up to protest GMO foods, and junk/fastfood diets. Millions of lives would be saved without the need for big pharma and experimental injections.

I think in an earlier era protests of this magnitude might accomplish something. These days, the powers that rule the world are so despotic… I doubt they even acknowledge discontent amongst the populace.

As always, expect the media to spin things. And expect that this might be coming to the USA sooner than later.

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What is wrong with GMO food?

Absolutely nothing. Just like the vaccine.

The problem with the vaccine is efficacy, it’s protection might be too narrow.

It doesn’t harm you regardless.

How does that compare to GMOs? The claim here is that it harms, so I’m asking what is the harm?

I’m not even going to humor you about the vaccines aren’t harmful comment I don’t believe you’re actually that stupid. Okay I will a little bit.

There is a ten year testing period any vaccine must go through to gauge long term effects and the coof juice got pushed out in less than a year. The fact of the matter is, WE DON’T KNOW WHAT IT WILL DO. WE CAN’T. WE HAVEN’T HAD TIME TO FIGURE THAT OUT.

But there are plenty of people having adverse reactions and some deaths due to the vax. I’m not going to try and prove this to you and I honestly don’t care. If you want to shoot some experimental immune-system altering liquid into your arm be my guest. Please don’t force your delusional paranoia on those of us who aren’t afraid of a virus with a .001% chance to kill you if you aren’t obese or dying.

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Can I ask where you got all those numbers and ideas on covid and the vaccine? I guess I’m asking where your vaccine hesitancy comes from. Specifically, was it anything democrats said doubting the vaccine safety that makes you feel this way? Or was there a social media tie (YouTube videos, threads on Facebook, other forums, etc)?

No judgement, I don’t care to challenge your beliefs, I’m just curious where they come from.

Are you being serious? I guess most people in the USA are like this. This is all I’m going to post and I’m done.

Vaccine development is a long, complex process, often lasting 10 -15 years and involving a combination of public and private involvement.

Do you take any vaccines? Flu, tetanus, etc?

In 2003 I got shot up with multiple vaccines so I could serve as a missionary for the LDS church back when I was in my religious phase. I ended up in the hospital. I didn’t have a choice in the matter it was either get shot up or don’t get to serve. I would never ask or make it mandatory for anyone to go through what I went through. And yet, I’ll defend people’s rights to take those well-researched well-tested vaccines I took. As well as I’ll defend people’s rights to not take this experimental pfizer/maderna or any other vax.

Stop turning people’s personal health into a public issue. It’s going to snowball.

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Thank you for the answers

The vaccine is not perfect, but it’s the only defense we have.

What makes me want puke is liars like Dr. Anthony “Frankenstein” Fauci who appropriated our American tax dollars to create this virus with the help of the evil Communist Chinese Government. “Enhanced transmission” is the fancy term for “You’re screwed America” thanks to old man Fauci.

In saner times, Fauci would run out of the government. Now he gets to make policy. The evil inmate is running the asylum.

I read the first four results; none of them were confirming harms by GMOs. All were touting benefits, or lack of harm.

The first result, after a length of studies describing not found harm, had a case study about a bean crop that hyper expressed a known allergy-causing gene, and was pulled for that reason.

Which kind of demonstrates the point to me.

GMO is a tool, not the thing itself. You wouldn’t blame all cars, or a tool that built it, for the brake failure of one model. You would blame the one model, recall/fix the defect, and move on.

That said, you spoke before as if there was a smoking gun to get up in arms about. Is there something these sources didn’t mention?

I thought we were taking vaccines allergy for granted, considering even the vaccines you’re comparing it to have one?

My mistake.

To be even handed, there are good reason to not want to take the vaccine, Bret Weinstein illuminates those pretty well, and he himself has not taken it, he instead takes Ivermectin.

But you’re saying specifically it causes harm, something that goes beyond allergy. I’d like to see what you’re talking about.

  1. The vaccines have been granted “Emergency Use Authorization”. That’s a special law that has specific requirements. One of the requirements is that no safe available approved alternative exists. That condition is met at the moment, but only because they’ve refused to approve any of the the safe available cheap repurposed alternative drugs. Hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and a few others are saving lives all over the world. But not here. No sir. The experimental vaccine is all that’s been approved. But why is that? What’s the motive?

  2. There are adverse reactions, including deaths. One study went out and interviewed people that had been vaccinated instead of relying on VAERS. They found the incidence of adverse reactions was much higher than was being reported. There’s no push to report reactions. No one of importance is interested.

  3. The government (together with the media) has been guilty of a lot of fraud in many ways over the course of covid. Denying it’s obvious origin. Downplaying side effects. Everything Fauci says. Shutting down the whole country without showing legality or necessity. Never even mentioning Vitamin D. Using Ct40 on PCR tests, which generates lots of false positives. Redefining a “case” to mean a positive test result even without symptoms. Pushing face masks. The government’s handling of covid has convinced me they’re untrustworthy.

  4. Now it seems the whole populace is divided into “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” with no mention of recovered. Some study recently showed that natural immunity from having had the actual covid disease gives better immunity than the vaccines.

  5. There’s some question about spike protein toxicity and how much of it gets away from the vaccine site into the blood.

I started with a wait-and-see approach but I’ve seen enough to adopt an avoid-at-all-cost approach.

Though I’m almost 100% certain covid is what kept me in bed for two weeks in January/February 2020. (No test was available at that point.) The reason I know it wasn’t the flu is because I had a flu vaccination three months before that. I also continue to take 4700 IU vitamin D daily (started well after I was sick).

I don’t think “vaccine hesitancy” covers me. I’m concerned about fraud and I don’t understand the motive to get everyone vaccinated.

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Something sinister is going on, or something totally benevolent beyond anything we’ve ever known.

Did you mean malevolent?

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I totally meant benevolent but you go for what you think I’ve got your back

Try using a site like duckduckgo instead of google and try looking up some of the adverse side effects like death regarding this vaccine. If you can’t successfully accomplish that, then I wish you safe travels in your liberal summer of love.

I have largely ignored the debate over GMO foods. But I just watched this interview about glyphosate, the poison in Roundup weed killer. If I understood what she said, some crops are genetically modified to withstand glyphosate so the farmers can use it without killing the crop.

In that case, it’s not the GMO itself that’s the problem, but the side effect of enabling the use of a poison that’s makes its way into our food supply.