Attorney: White house fence jump was act of protest


A college student who jumped over the White House fence while draped in an American flag was committing civil disobedience and had no plans to harm himself or others, his attorney said Sunday.
Joseph Caputo, 22, of Stamford, Connecticut, was carrying a binder with “a rewritten Constitution” when he scaled the fence on Thursday, prompting a lockdown while President Barack Obama celebrated Thanksgiving with his family, attorney Stephan Seeger said. Caputo was the first person to jump over the White House fence since the Secret Service installed additional metal spikes earlier this year in response to a series of security breaches.

News from The Associated Press

Here we have another little snow flake college kid with no brains jumping the fence to the White House. He was lucky not being shot. With rising tensions of incidents in this nation with attempted mayhem by muslims the Secret Service is probably on high alert and this kid shows his six by pulling this stunt.


Getting a criminal record and paying whatever fine is an expensive and stupid way to get 15 minutes of fame.

Unlike some with criminal records he won’t have trouble getting a job because he might be dangerous. He’ll have trouble getting a job because of demonstrated stupidity.


Oh, I don’t think Obama and family have ANYTHING to fear from Muslim terrorists. After all, HE’S armed them, fed them and given them “sanctuary” in the U.S. so they can carry the war to us.


Until they’re done with him.


I don’t know…Muslims are harder on each other than on us and right now Obama seems to be preferring the Shia when the most dangerous are Sunni.


These animals are like rabid dogs and will go after him once they are done. obama somehow thinking he is safe from them is really playing into their hands.


Not really. Remember that it’s the Shia Iranians who are quickly developing atomic weapons and funding–in part–the European terrorists…and likely those in the U.S. already, too.


It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the first use by a Muslim country of a nuke would be against another Muslim country rather than a non-Muslim country.


The next use of a nuke will be in Israel–unless Israel does something to take out the nuke first. The SECOND target will be NYC or DC…unless Israel does something to take out the nuke first. WE won’t do anything about it until AFTER it happens–and with Democrats in control, maybe not even THEN.


Opinion? :biggrin:


Of course. You’ll notice that I didn’t claim it to be “fact.”