Autism funding cut


Is there truly a need for all the funding for autism or what I am seeing is the same thing that happens to schools? Is autism the new money generator, in which those who claim to study it, are really interested in finding solutions?

Autism is a cash cow to some researchers who draw huge grants and money while doing little actual work on the subject. Just as I see those that promote the idea that a good deal of children suffer from ADD, is this more of the same over diagnosing?

Every year I see one group or the other come up with worse case scenarios of why they need more money. Schools do it as well as those who promote agendas like global warming.

So how is this any different? Are children being diagnosed with autism who really do not have it and those who do, are they being taken care of properly by the government?

I look skeptically at any request for more money and ask do they really need it or is this more of a money grab meant to enrich?

I look at the example of our schools in which I hear more money has to be had. I understand that the U.S. pays more per student than any where else and yet the students fall down in learning ability.

Year after year I read that more money needs to be had for the students and what I see is more administrators and overhead with little being done for the student themselves.

Is this the same for those who claim to study autism?


I have been butting heads with Autism Researchers for years. They have been studying my daughter and subjecting my family to all sorts of research nonsense for years.
Much of this is driven by the lawsuits. These lawsuits allege that the autism is caused by controllable factors, such as childhood vaccinations. Millions,if not billions, have been spent to study the effects of Thimerosal in vaccines.
But,as far as over diagnosing for funding, I have not seen anything that could confirm this. Having interacted with many hundreds of autistics,I have not met one, who was not truly autistic. When my daughter was diagnosed, the school had their specialists do it, then I had an independent second opinion, and finally, The Governor’s Advocacy Council on Persons With Disabilities recommended a doctor. All three confirmed the original diagnosis.
But,the funding thing is a joke. Good organizations never seem to get the funding. The ones who do, have a rigid criteria for their findings and often, are singular in their thinking. Getting any assistance from the government for an autistic is extremely difficult. We didn’t apply for SSI, since we didn’t need it or believe in taxing an already overworked system, but some of the mothers I have known, lost their husbands over the situation,and often, the childrens’ conditions caused the mother to have to stay home. Several had to appeal more than once to get any assistance at all, and that was meager help, at best.
I never trust researchers, because,as you have said, they’ll do anything to preserve said funding.