Auto LogOut


I come here … A Lot.

I am always disappointed that posts don’t get a lot of responses when I see that 20 or 30 people are … supposedly log in.

People Are Not logged in!

People are not here when it shows them as being here.

I would like to suggest that there is a time out for people who aren’t on the site … when they aren’t.

I love you guys!

I never check the “Keep me logged in” box and I do it because I want folks to know that I am here to read … and respond to their posts!

Thank You.


A lot of people show up as on line long after they have left. Now I know for a fact that Fantasy Chaser is not on (we can’t both be on at the same time), but it showed him on when I got on, and I think he has been off for over an hour. Actually, we stay logged in, so that we don’t have to log in whenever we bring the site up, but it should go away when we get off the site. They didn’t used to hang around this long. It changed with one of the software updates.


One thing you can do if you don’t want to appear while on RO is click on “User CP” at the top/left of the page, and select “General Settings” from the dropdown menu. When that page comes up, the first thing at the top of the page will be “Login & Privacy,” and the first of two items will be “Invisible Mode.” Select “Invisible Mode on,” scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “Save Changes.” That way, your screen name won’t appear in the “Currently Active Users” list except for the mods; the only way anyone else will know if you’re on is if you post.


I don’t want to hide.

I just wish that you could tell when folks are actually on the site when it says that they are.


Alas, the delay in removing someone who’s gone offline from the “Currently Active Users” list has been with us for a while.


I like auto login. I have loads of sites I go to and I like the ease of not having to log in each time. People do have real lives to lead and sometimes those times take precedence over online time. Not often but it could happen. LOL Keep me logged in please. It’s so much easier.


The real problem is that the software shows you on the site long after you leave it. Whether it has to do with making the site look more active than it really is, I don’t know, although that is an idea that I have seen expressed. I know that you don’t even have to be on line to “show up,” otherwise I would never see FC on. I do know that if you actually log off the site, your name will disappear immediately. That has happened the times FC and I have had to share the same computer. Otherwise, I think it’s a timed thing. Perhaps when [MENTION=12020]Zedd[/MENTION] shows up again, he can take a look at it.


Well, it COULD be that many people here don’t respond to you or your posts because they don’t have anything to add or consider them to be unworthy of response.


Yes…believe it or not…if someone has said it all in posts to a topic…i’ll leave it alone knowing that I can add nothing to it. Then…some topics are closed ended…a report, if you will and nothing that can be added. Regardless. This is one of my favorite sites.


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It is because people do not properly log off the site when they are finished and RO keeps them as active for a while till their session runs out of time without them being active. Eg: RO does not know if they are gone for the day or just long enough to get something to drink. If the session time was set too short, you could read an article and then click a link to another article and RO would require you to log in again since it appears to RO that you are gone. This is how every “member” type of web site works, even types of sites like, AT&, your bank if you do internet banking, etc.


I can understand that, but they didn’t used to show up for such a long period of time. It seemed to change with one of the upgrades. Isn’t it possible to set that time to a certain maximum, or is that hard-coded into the system?


You should be able to set the timeout limit through the admin panel. WIJG may have extended the timeout setting, I’m not sure though.


Is this, THAT important? If it bothers people so much that I stay logged in all the time, well let me know and I will log off permanently. I tend to forget my passwords even when i have them in a book because I forget where the book is.


I don’t think it bothers people as much as you leaving us would.