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Each mind has its own reasons and justifications. Only God would know for sure why any given person does anything, we can only assume what is possible, and perhaps likely, but not what is certain when it comes to human thought.

True. But some of them make it pretty obvious. I think that often, the most obnoxious atheists sound like they’re trying to convince themselves.

I would certain agree with that since their reaction does indicate some level of fear response.

I’m not really sure how helpful is all of this speculation about the motives of believers/non-believers. On this board, it can go without saying that the atheists are being absurd with the patronizing assumptions that belief is based on fear, wishful thinking, etc. But the same is true on the opposite end, with the ridiculous view that non-believers are just trying to convince themselves, are acting out of fear, and so on. This is just two sides talking past each other (which is, admittedly, perhaps the only possibility). I can say that, when I was going through my young skeptic phase, my doubts were based purely on my views on the nature of knowledge proper, and that religious belief lacked proper epistemological grounding. I’d imagine that most non-believers hold their positions for roughly similar reasons: they just don’t think there are good reasons to believe. Christians who doubt this are guilty of the same sort of smug ignorance as the atheists who don’t take the time to really understand where believers are coming from.

But there is a difference between disinterest, or ‘here we go again’ disgust, and going apoplectic. One does not react with venomous hate without some reason.

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