Baba Walters defends Maher's slam on Palin's granddaughter...


This hag needs to retire. The show needs to retire. She’s been done for decades. Can you imagine what she would have said had someone used this term on BO’s daughters???

‘The View’ Ladies Defend Maher Calling Trig Palin ‘Retarded’ - Fox Nation


Progressive liberal commies defend even the most disgusting amongst their ranks. The truth is incorrect.


For them, the only “truth” is what they say it is.


Which is never the truth.




It’s funny how some people can be so for/against political correctness, yet they change their position whenever it suits them.


Correct. BTW, welcome! I don’t get a chance to visit the “introduction” thread much these days!


[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:4, topic:39873”]
Which is never the truth.
[/quote]It isn’t that the Liberals don’t know anything, just what they know, is incorrect.


Bill Maher and Barbara Walters target an innocent child, referring to him as “retarded”? Do they have no shame? How low can you go?


Notice that the msm ignored this, too. If Bush or any other conservative/republican had made this same comment against one of BO’s daughters, you would have heard their howls of indignation from here to the moon.


Who are “some people?”

What’s funny about it?

Is what Bill Maher, who makes his living from hate, funny?


A western end of an east-bound horse is what they are, regardless of whether they call themselves a D, an R, a C, an L, a P, etc…


LOL at Baba Wawa

LOL at the “vulgarian comedian” Bill Maher

LOL at the sniveling androgynous “males” in America that have been Baba Wawa’d and Oprah Winfrey’d

Barbara Walters got the name Baba Wawa from the writer Michael Thomas because she had a slight speech impediment, according to Taki in my June/July 2013 issue of The American Spectator that came just yesterday.

Taki’s article was titled “Toodles, Baba.” (It appears that Baba Wawa is retiring from public life.)

In case you’re wondering who Taki is, here he is grinning at you:

Its Taki Theodoracopulos who is quite rich and loves to enjoy life to the max, and he likes to write for Conservatives publications too. Fascinating character, that Taki.

Read this:

Taki Theodoracopulos (Greek: Τάκης Θεοδωρακόπουλος; born August 11, 1936),[1] originally named Panagiotis Theodoracopulos and best known as Taki, is a Greek-born journalist and writer living in New York City, London and Switzerland.

His column “High Life” has appeared in The Spectator since 1977, and he has also written for other US and UK publications.

In 2002, Taki founded The American Conservative magazine with Pat Buchanan and Scott McConnell.

He was also the publisher of the British magazine Right Now! He currently publishes and writes for Taki’s Magazine, a libertarian webzine of “politics and culture.”

Taki Theodoracopulos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Back to Baba Wawa:

Here is Mary’s comment from the OP’s linked article, I thought it made an excellent point:

“If a Republican had said the same thing that person would have ripped to shreds by these ladies. Bill Maher is a bully. Who else would pick on child because of the parents political views. Yes, Sarah Palin can fight back, but her child can not. This is the very reason that I no longer watch the view or pay any attention to Bill Maher. Don’t forget that he called Sarah Palin a C***.”

Then Jacqueline weighed in with:

“Barb” gave up all right to be considered fair or even intelligent when she supported Hanoi Jane Fonda for Woman of the Year. Her whole crew is so biased it chokes one to listen to even one segment of the show!"

The following quotes are from “Toodles, Baba” by Taki in The American Spectator:

Baba Wawa has quite a history!

“Her most famous moment came when she asked Katherine Hepburn what kind of tree she would have liked to have been had she been a tree.” :howler:

“”…her other gaffes and lapses of judgement aside, she is responsiable for giving us The View, an hour-long descent into Hell in which she appears along side such
harpies as Joy “Keep your tits perky” Behar and Sherri “Speaking as a girl who had a lot of abortions” Sheppard. During his 2008 bid for the Republican nomination,
Dr. Ron Paul … was subjected by View gals to a long bitchy harangue because he, a physician who has delivered over 4000 babies, dares not support abortion rights."

“The insatiable hunger for fame and celebrity that America has suffered since the 60’s can almost be traced to her rise. The terminal political correctness and therapy speech, the shallow, materialistic, celebrity-obsessed, and infantile contemporary culture: all these our Barbara can make a reasonable claim to.”

You all remember the famous Gilda Radner Saturday Night Live skits on Baba Wawa?

Baba Wawa on Gilda’s “Baba Wawa”:


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