Babylon Bee headline caught me off guard and made me laugh


I saw that one. Alas, it’s too close to the truth. Here’s another on a similar theme:


While I don’t love the sentiment behind these, gotta admit as satire pieces they’re getting pretty good at writing :slight_smile:

I think it’s all too true, as many of their pieces are. They’ve said (tongue-in-cheek) that their satire is days ahead of reality.

Let’s face it. If the police kill an African-American, and there is one shadow of a doubt about it, it’s an immediate excuse for Blacks to riot and loot. It’s now a pattern.

This is doing a huge disservice to law abiding Blacks who have worked for decades to gain acceptance and acceptability. Yet, the race hustlers, like Maxine Waters, are doing all they can to stir up violence, hate and division.

The main defense that most of us have is the police. When the left pushes to undermine, defund or abolish them, we are on our way to rule by criminals. The left wants the police to protect them when they were attacked at the Capitol on January 6, yet they don’t support protection for average businesses and citizens. It is hypocrisy at its worst.

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There is too much peace lately