Back for a while


Hey kids, I will be back sporadically for a while, this retirement thing doesn’t work quite like I thought. I’m busier now than I have been in quite a while. I promise not to get into some of the religious discussions. Got Pete a might upset a while back.


Glad you’re back! So, in retirement you are busy working, traveling, or ?

Don’t worry about upsetting Pete, I haven’t seen him take things personal yet :beerchug:


Working, but 1] as a Bible teacher for a senior citizens group, 2] Member of a Senior Citizens Advisory counsel, 3] working with a couple of old classmates in setting up a 55th HS reunion, coordinating a dedication monument for the HS, and building the class roster [finding missing classmates] and publishing a new updated yearbook, [and i don’t know a thing about publishing] tie this in with Church work my time no longer my own. I also do some architectural consulting as needed.


Got Pete a might upset a while back.

Not at all! Glad to see you back and please don’t consider religious threads off limits.


Retired? How do you do that so young???

Welcome back!


Well I appreciate the ‘young’ part, I also am finding that with some of the publishing downloads i have been doing something got into the computer. I have debugged it, de virused it, cleaned out history and whatever else that should have gotten into it, but there is still a major glitch. I have two computers and a WiFi router operating one, [ I also have a laptop which, for some reason, does not work with this router] Because it takes a bit of time to load the browser, [ I do have broadband highspeed]I am beginning to wonder if my problem is the router. I will be hard connecting this computer to the broadband source. The other computer works fine now [I have two grandsons who come over and load their games into it and I have to, every so often, clean it out]
And Pete, I know I got you upset regarding my thoughts on Rick Warren and His Church. I apologize , I am not a fan of Rick Warren, but he does serve a purpose. I do get concerned when pastors like Falwell and other high profile pastors set themselves up to be shot off the pedestal. It does not do the Church much good when they are held up to public ridicule as was Falwell.