Back To Work (The scare is over)

The left is using its allies in business, health and media to keep this coronavirus meme in place.

Alll new and suppressed info shows that this is not what they told us it was/is. You can’t go into Costco without a mask. This is like the mark of the beast…if you don’t comply with the ‘beast’ left you don’t get to shop. You don’t get burger on your Wendy’s burger…right up Peta and Center for ‘science’ in the public interest’s alley.

They talk about our new normal…is this REALLY what you want AMerica? Knuckling under to our political elite betters and doing nothing without their permission??

cBS faked a line of car to make it seem covid tests were hard to get.

If we don’t start resisting more widely the petty Mussolinis in state governments and federal bureaucracies, the biggest victim of the coronavirus will be our freedom. That is the most formidable risk we are facing.

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They’re still trying to scare everyone. You can’t watch a program on tv without some fool coming on and talking about staying safe etc etc etc. THis am, local news said 120,000 deaths by August from CV. When did flu ever hang around in the summer? it doesn’t.

The only hope I have is all these libs wearing these heavy masks which causes increased levels of co2 in their blood streams and they keel over…complications from CV19.

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I keep hearing this stuff about ‘when can we open’ on the radio. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ASKING SUCH A THING FOR?? open up. These are not laws. These are edicts. proclamations that by the way, infringe upon YOUR liberty.

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Know why so many elderly are dying…because I’ve been told that when they’re over 70 they do not qualify for plasma antibodies, remdisiver or hydroxychloroquine.

this determination was put in place with Obamacare during the Kenyan prince’s reign.

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‘They’re drunk on power’: Crenshaw blasts coronavirus restrictions

Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw weighs in on the salon owner jailed for opening her shop.

The President differed these decisions to the states, correct?

my question stands.

Around here. If the cattle cars were pulled up to court square and people were told to put on their masks and climb aboard…they do it.


Actually, it was Cherry Heath that put it’s staffers in the line to make it look longer as a way to raise funds for its efforts, not CBS.

NO. Cbs set it up and cherry health was more than willing to help with the charade.

You asked where the attorneys are. What laws do you allege are being broken?

NO LAW allows what these blue state tyrants have done to people’s lives.

Ok, backup.

I asked you if Trump differed to the states the decisions on how to handle the pandemic.

Ironically, I may agree with you, at least in a way. That is, the federal government does in fact have the right, under law, to impose a quarantine. I don’t know that individual states do, but Trump decided to defer to the states, did he not?

So I agree with you, the states may not have the capacity, under the law to enforce quarantines, I’m not sure, but the Federal Government does under the Commerce Clause

But, as I said, the President has chosen not to lead and differ to states (that way he can take credit for what goes well and pass blame when efforts fail). It sounds like a legal mess to me and another glaring example of the failure of this President to lead the nation.

That said, it’s hard to know specifically what you’re talking about because you don’t refer to anything specific.

It’s a clear violation of the Constitution (of both the country and several individual states) for some mayor or even governor to mandate behaviors of their citizens and then have police agencies enforce them as if they were “law.” Only legislatures can enact laws and they CANNOT legally cede that blanket authority to any governor or mayor.