BAD NEWS for America


Let me get this straight…a FOTO ID singles out black voters BECAUSE they are too stupid and inept to be able to have or obtain a voter ID??? Sounds like me they are being discriminated against because they are seen as less comment than white people. WHY do they have to have a drivers license? or maybe they don’t???
Reality: This legitimizes non citizen voting in the US! [FONT=Helvetica]Talk about anarchy!


Supreme Court rejects appeal to reinstate North Carolina voter ID law | Fox News

Supreme Court rejects appeal to reinstate North Carolina voter ID law

North Carolina’s tough voter identification law was dealt what could be a fatal blow on Monday, as the Supreme Court rejected an appeal to reinstate the policy.
Advocates of the law said it was meant to preserve the integrity of elections and counter voter fraud. But critics said **it unfairly singled out black voters. **
**The justices on Monday left in place a lower court ruling citing such alleged discrimination. That ruling struck down the law’s photo ID requirement and reduction in early voting. **
The decision comes just days after President Trump ordered a a review of voter fraud allegations.
[FONT=Helvetica]North Carolina law’s provisions “target African-Americans with almost surgical precision” and “impose cures for problems that did not exist,”
" NAACP and individual voters sued to block it, arguing it disproportionately burdened black and Hispanic voters, who are more likely than white voters to lack acceptable forms of identification."