ballots shredded, voters ferried, Black Panthers return


It just wouldn’t be a proper Election Day without all sorts of funny business going on at the polls. The Black Panthers are back in Philadelphia, outside the same polling place where they flagrantly intimidated voters in 2008, to the mild amusement of Eric Holder’s Justice Department. It looks like this time they’re not packing truncheons, and as long as they obey the rules and maintain the proper distance from voters, they have the same right to be there as anyone else. They just seem to be the only ones that get away with wearing paramilitary uniforms while they’re “monitoring” elections.

Election Day shenanigans: ballots shredded, voters ferried, Black Panthers return | Conservative News, Views & Books

From what I have read Obama has legal teams in place and it is a guarantee that they will try to keep fraud or intimidation going.


This is voter intimidation the same as the KKK in their uniforms would be.