Baltimore woman punches cop, gets knocked out! (Video)

Black cop defending white cop. :grin:

At this point, she should be jailed for assault on law enforcement and do serious jail time. Frankjly I am sick and tired of hot-headed troublemakers, most being from someplace else, and city officials giving them seeming carte’ blanche. Time to get real tough, and hurt some people. or at the least bird-shot in the rear-end, does take the steam out of the kettle. Many of these jerks are threatening to invade the suburbs. Well suburbs get your guns ready and stop them as they approach the borders. I remember the Trenton NJ riots of the late 60’s where rioters ran amok until they came to the edge of the Italian neighborhood called the ‘Burg’, and were stopped cold in their tracks as out of every window was a rifle. They quickly detoured, and the riot died down.


I remember the same thing in Newark, New Jersey. The Italian neighborhood was safe because the community protected it from the thugs who made the rest of the city a crime ridden hell hole. I was mugged in Newark when I was a graduate student attending Rutgers circa 1980.

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