Ban Guns? Black Lives Matter? For Both Only Selectively


**When Bullets Hit Bystanders **
When will these incidents of gunplay draw anguished commentary seeking to end “gun violence”? And alternatively, do black lives always matter to black politicians? These events are one day wonders; lengthy news articles that are read by few and on which there is no follow-up.

After Newtown (the Sandy Hook school massacre) New York and other states rushed further gun restrictions into law with little thought or reflection. Obama and other politicians made anguished speeches. After the killings of thugs such as Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, similar mourning for the loss of life. What do we hear after incidents like those laid out in the article, and similar ones where flying bullets among gang-fighters lay low totally innocent bystanders? Crickets.

While I oppose Donald Trump with every ounce of my being, this politically correct hypocrisy, across the land, fuels his candidacy. Wake up, America.