Ban Men


Lol ahahahahahaa – if you get to the bottom, you’ll find the gay/binary/gender bender/etc. agenda is really a feminist thing, and for some people, it’s really a thing.

The time has come to say goodbye to men, and I can hardly believe you’d need me to tell you why. They murder, a lot. They assault and abuse, a lot. They start international and domestic wars, or at least try to. They talk too much, they don’t listen, and they’re bad at their jobs. They’re not just a problem but one of the biggest problems of our era, though saying so is still uncomfortably received by most.


Good grief. There’s cranial rectumitus, and then there’s terminal cranial rectumitus. This woman (I assume it’s a woman, seeing as how she’s trash-talking (“woman-splaining?..”) men) is going to choke to death on her own poop after getting her nose stuck in her appendix…


Yes, when you put two dysfunctional fat people in a shared living space, there will indeed be problems.

I’ve never had a girlfriend who was an enemy. And it’s not healthy and shouldn’t be considered normal.

From the comments:

The SoyBoy caricature I see the Alt-Right employ on the regular isn’t just a strawman apparently. I have a very strong hunch Xe closely resembles David Hogg

This comment section is just… it’s like… is it possible it’s a parody? Because in 2012 I would have been 100% certain it was.

(Edited the language in the quotes. – FC)


Any questions?


LOL. Ever notice that most of THE most hateful, left-wing Trump haters all look like Jabba The Hut?


It’s possible, but the SJW movement and left are traveling out to similarly absurd extremes these days.

Dunno her political bent, but did you see the video of the Starbucks clerk giving a black dude a cup of coffee because Starbucks is racist and he demanded reparations?

Should be its own thread. But Hahahahahahahahahahaa. Starbucks is stupid.


Free Starbucks coffee is no bargain. It’s like getting a “free” lobotomy or a “free” dose of the flu.


Yeah, but I don’t base much of my opinion on looks. Too many stereotypes . . . "good looking people are . . . ", “ugly looking people are . . .”

Nevertheless, I agree with you. It’s stuff such as this that reinforces the stereotype.