Ban Rapists & Violent Predators from Changing Legal Gender & Name


“Maddison Hall (born Noel Crompton in 1964) is an Australian HIV-positive transsexual and convicted murderer. In 1987, he shot and killed hitchhiker Lyn Saunders at Gol Gol, New South Wales.
He began hormone treatment while in prison, and was transferred to a women’s prison (Mulawa Correctional Centre) in 1999. He underwent sex reassignment surgery while in prison in 2003. At Mulawa, it was alleged that Hall had sexual relations with several female prisoners, allegations that resulted in Hall being returned to a male prison after 3 months. Hall was charged with rape in relation to one incident, but the charge was dropped due to the victim having left the country upon being released from prison in fear of her safety.
Hall was granted parole in 2006, some 6 years before the expire of his head sentence.

With all the talk about allowing those who identify as other than the sex they were born with, remember that there are those who will use it as a means to allow them to commit crimes


The argument is actually based upon and promulgated by NAMBLA who have advocated this for years at least going back to the 60’s. Its based upon perversion no more, no less.

You cannot put on enough lipstick to change a pig and as long as you were born with the male or female chromosomes you are either a man or woman. They simply want to be able to chose at will what ever bathroom they go into based upon what they are in the mood for at the moment.

The argument is being posed as I am a man in a woman’s body and therefore I want to use the women’s bathroom, but that is NOT what they want. They want choice anytime, anywhere.

I generally buy into the argument that homosexuals are that way due to being miswired, but I have never seen any legit proof that transgender is anything other than a desire. Giving them the “right” to chose their bathroom of choice is more than wrong. There right to pick tramples the other 99.5% of Americans right to not be subjected to this behavior.

Of course the long term is the total loss of gender specific restrooms.


I am reminded of a story I read once of someone who changed their sex then wanted to reverse it. I feel that homosexuals and transsexuals are people who have mental problems.

Transexual Demands Taxpayer Funded Change BACK Into A Man - Breitbart


Well,Sam, I reckon you are aware that, up until I think the 1980’s or 90’s, homosexual activity of ANY variety was considered “MENTAL ILLNESS”. I have some older medical textbooks which are quite plain on the subject. It was also an ADMITTING DIAGNOSIS for admission to a mental health facility. After the Vietnam War and the Free Love Movement and Liberalism Explosion and so forth, that isn’t designated as an illness anymore. I think the CLINTON ADMINISRATION (hint! hint!) had a lot to do with the official medical changes for Medicare and Veterans Administration reasons. It seems the idea was ,if somebody is SICK, you have to treat them…If you declare them NOT SICK, then you save the government BILLIONS!!!HAH! Anyway, I assure my public I am like “Crocodile Dundee” in one regard…I am checking anybody I might flirt at VERY CAREFULLY !!! Physical examinations are free of charge…if I have to THROW ONE BACK because of mistaken type identity, I will NOT be gentle…



It’s totally mental illness. I mean the things done in the name of compassion become discompasionate in the long run. I suffer from mental illness, (bipolar, seizures, sensory malfunctions). I have found that the Lord has been my best medicine. I struggled with gender issues in highschool, and when I met my wife she told she wanted a man. I spoke with the lord, and I reclaimed my masculinity. While me, and the members here may not agree on police, economics, or forigen policy (unless you like Ron Paul). This is one issue I totally know the right, well is right on. I’m just gonna say a little more yeah hollywood is treating transgendered people like they are the sex they claim they are. At the end of the day are you, your family, and such gonna recognize that. I’m married, but If you or your sons or daughters found out their date was pre-op or post-op it would be like a huge signal that there is something wrong there you know. I think most people just nod and say yeah, they’re people too, at the end of the day, it’s not popular to do this, and be with those types of people. They are like literally defying nature.